Cops: Grudge led man to impersonate officer, post false fliers

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Authorities believe a Dacula man impersonated a police officer to avenge a perceived wrong by a Buford doctor's office.

David Robert Lewallen was arrested Sunday and charged with impersonating an officer. Gwinnett County jail records show he was released the same day on $2,950 bond.

The story of his arrest began almost two months earlier.

According to incident reports filed by Gwinnett County police, Lewallen was treated on Aug. 21 at the Buford Wellness Center on Ga. Highway 20. He was written a prescription, which he then attempted to fill in South Carolina.

The pharmacist there would not fill the prescription, police said.

"Mr. Lewallen called the doctor's office and left several messages accusing the office of convincing the pharmacy not to fill his prescriptions," the report said.

Lewallen reportedly returned to the doctor's office three days later, wearing a "police baseball hat" and demanding to speak with the center's director. He allegedly became irate, used "vulgar profanities" and told the director "you will be sorry."

It was about three weeks later on Sept. 10 that Lewallen -- sporting the same blue hat with "police" written on it, as well as a black T-shirt with "police" scrawled across -- was seen in the shopping center of the doctor's office hanging fliers and knocking on doors.

The fliers alleged contained a photo of the office director along with the words "Have you seen this person?" and a list of "alleged charges."

Warrants were issued for Lewallen's arrest on Oct. 10 and he was booked into Gwinnett County jail the next day.


Motor76 2 years, 10 months ago

Don't get between a police impersonator and his Oxycodone...or you'll pay alright...oh yeah you will.


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