Suwanee police investigating 'accidental' shooting

SUWANEE -- Suwanee police are investigating a fatal shooting involving a man and his wife.

Police were called to a residence on Riverview Run Lane on Oct. 10 when a man identified as Steven Thomas told them that he "accidentally shot his wife in the head," according to a police incident report.

A middle-aged woman identified as Charissa Thomas was found laying face up at the top of a stair case where there was a "large amount of blood on her head, face and body" and a pool of blood next to her that had "coagulated."

After police checked the woman for signs of life, they noted a silver revolver handgun between her legs, and a cell phone next to her.

The report said Steven Thomas was interviewed at the Suwanee Police Department, but Capt. Clyde Byers said on Tuesday that the investigation is ongoing and, "there have not been any charges brought as of yet."

The report also said that police noted that a bedside stand had been moved in an "irregular fashion," drops of blood from the victim's body led from the bedroom to the master bathroom and a bottle of cleaning agent and rag were found on the floor in the bedroom.