Peachtree Corners authorizes franchise fee agreement with Atlanta Gas Light

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- The city of Peachtree Corners entered into a franchise fee agreement with Atlanta Gas Light to provide services within the city limits.

However, there are still some unknowns even though the mayor and city council voted to approve the agreement.

Councilman Alex Wright voiced a concern on whether any fees would be added on with the agreement.

"If my Atlanta Gas Light bill was $42 last month as an unincorporated resident, will it still be $42 this month as an incorporated resident?" he asked. "Or, where there be an extra dollar added onto my bill?"

City Manager Julian Jackson wasn't 100 percent positive if they would or not, but imagined it would follow the same format as when the city entered into an agreement with Georgia Power.

"With Georgia Power, there was a 1.9 percent fee added on top of the 1 percent fee when residents were unincorporated," he said. "I imagine the Atlanta Gas Light plan will follow the same format as Georgia Power, but I'm not 100 percent positive."

Even with the missing piece of information, the council still felt comfortable with passing the motion.

The council also accepted a presentation of the city logo and tagline, which will be presented to residents at a later date. The project was completed by Pam Ledbetter of Accent Media for no cost.

"I was a former resident of this area and I wanted to give back," Ledbetter said. "Typically, logos and branding for cities run around $40,000-45,000. The cheapest I saw was the city of Lilburn's, which cost them $31,400."

Accent Media's work is displayed throughout Gwinnett County, including such projects as Leadership Gwinnett, Lake Lanier Islands Resort, and Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation.

In other business, the council transferred the ownership of the city's Website to the city from councilman James Lowe.

"When we first started as a city, everyone was helping out where they could," said Mayor Mike Mason. "James Lowe took ownership of the city's Website, bought the domain and built the site. This is just transferring that ownership over to the city."

The city also approved a proposal to accept QS1 Software as the financial software provider for the city at a rate of $17,480 over three years.


R 2 years, 11 months ago

The revenue is on its way now by golly...

Now about the TRASH service which is SPELLED out in the charter?
As opposed to utilities that weren't CLEARLY structured...


pcjohn 2 years, 11 months ago

Can any one tell me if there will ever be a benefit to the citizenry in PTCorners? Or did we just vote ourselves into a morass of creating another bunch of bureaucrats that will only cost us more money? And why the he## do our utility rates have to increase? Exactly where does that 1.5% increase go?


R 2 years, 11 months ago

BUT you CONTROL the zoning! (Just not the new extensive phone system…)

The lights, so to speak, are dimly coming on now aren’t they?
(Albeit with more expensive power – city franchise fees provide “designer brand” electrons.)

The same state leader type folks now come before you with the charter school amendment, we’re here to help the children…

Be afraid …VERY afraid and "Don't be fooled AGAIN!"


toby 2 years, 11 months ago

If it is like all the other gas providers, it will be a big increase in your bill. Remember that AGL is the ONLY provider of gas to Ga. Yes it is a monopoly. Remember when Zell busted them up? That was the scam. AGL was tired of collecting payments. So here comes every jack leg in town setting up new gas companies. All they do is the billing and collections. If you use NO gas, you will pay $30-$40 per month for "pipe rental and maintenance". If you use no water, you don't pay for water. If you use no power you don't pay for power. So how does AGL get away with it? Deregulation of AGL was planned and executed by AGL. We now pay more because of pipe rental, AGL doesn't deal with us peasants anymore and anyone can start a gas company. Only in America.

Need to figure out how to capture farts and turn the gass off.


R 2 years, 11 months ago

Yep those “buttocks adaptors” are short lived, requiring continual replacements whether fuel flows or not…


Mack711 2 years, 11 months ago

Peachtree Corners has deciced for you who you will purchase your natural gas from and on top of that they will charge you a fee for letting them make this decision for you. What happened to the free market system. Government has taken it over as dictators here just like the county has with the trash service.


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