LETTERS: Charter school amendment not needed

What happened to the Georgia Tea Party? I thought it would be out in force against our state representatives trying to enlarge the state government by adding a new department to build a state charter school system. This will happen if the Georgia constitution is changed by a yes vote on Nov. 6.

I believe that there is a need for charter schools, but it should be a local option, not the whim of someone in Atlanta. If the State Superintendent of Schools, John Barge, and county superintendents are against this proposed amendment, why should voters think the legislature know more about educating our children? They are being lobbied to push this proposal.

How much money is being spent on them and on fighting for this by for-profit companies? Obviously companies would not fight for it if the didn't think they would get money from the state, money that could go to the existing education system.

Parents who want to get involved with their children's education can do it currently, and many do. Unfortunately not enough parents get involved in a positive way. If those that are now involved switch to state charter schools, the enrollment in the local public schools will decrease, as will the money allotted to schools by enrollment numbers.

A constitutional amendment is not needed. Local school districts can establish charter schools now. Why have two public systems to pay taxes for?

I have mentored and substituted in public schools for 10 years so I do have a recent background on what I say. Positive parent involvement is needed more than the state throwing money away for a few children.

-- Jim Cleary



kevin 2 years, 11 months ago

Yes we do need this amendment in order to get things moving in the right direction, something the GCSB hasn't done and won't do. Just look at their actions and votes on granting licenses to more Charter schools. Every person I talked to so far is saying vote yes. Just the fact that the Gwinnett school board heads are constantly saying no is enough for me.


R 2 years, 11 months ago

All the ranting from the circles that supported TSPLOST is enough for me to take a second look and then a third.

All the ranting by our state leadership about there not being a need for ethics and financial controls, combined with the example set by the senate discipline of Sen Balfour is enough for me and all the folks I have spoken with to simply vote NO now and send it back to the oven to bake a bit more.

Why would we yet ADD another layer of government admin to pay for?

Transfer more power to a select few state appointees and their appointers when they can't manage what they have already. (GDOT, STRA anyone?)

Its sad when the only way we can cut government growth is by lawsuit and the fact that it rarely happens by ruling like this is enough to ask why RUSH it right back in play??? It also shows that our all knowledgeable leaders may not have it all together as it appears they personally believe they do.

The same general failed logic deployed with TSPLOST is in play again here

Remember TSPLOST?

We NEED to pass this because we can't fix how taxes already collected are being spent by the GA General assembly.

Amendment NOW

We NEED to pass this because we can't fix how taxes already collected are being spent by the local school boards on charter schools.

Why is it illogical to fix the real problem first, BEFORE we create 2 more to fix?

Granted our school boards need attention, (WHICH this Amendment WONT address) but you normally don't hunt down a fly with an elephant gun - unless you're in a cartoon or looking for future campaign donors...

Lets give Alice her Looking Glass back for now - VOTE NO because we could DO better.


kevin 2 years, 11 months ago

"Why would we yet ADD another layer of government admin to pay for?" Call it what you want, but this is needed to get more Charter schools. We are not getting them by having to use local boards that want to protect themselves from choices that might work better.


kevin 2 years, 11 months ago

Folks, you need to also read the letter to the editor in today's GDP (10/20/12). All the more reason to vote YES and stop debating this issue. While you are at it, also read Mr. Yarbrough's letter for "his" reasons why you should vote no. Vote "yes" and lets get more of these public schools that do much better jobs and give kids a choice of freedom to learn.


Freedom1 2 years, 11 months ago

I suggest you read the enabling legislation HB 797 and the open worded amendment itself HR 1162. Why let someone else tell you what it is, once you read it, it's pretty obvious. Or, you can continue to let the media and others tell you...


kevin 2 years, 11 months ago

Freedom1, Go have some tea and chicory and enjoy yourself.


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