Local PTSA hosts amendment discussion

SUWANEE -- At its Tuesday meeting, the Collins Hill High School PTSA is featuring special guests and information about the constitutional amendment concerning charter schools.

The event is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Collins Hill High School Theatre, 50 Taylor Road, Suwanee.

Guests include Rick Cost, chief financial officer of Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dan Seckinger, District II school board member; and Karen Hallacy, legislative chair for Georgia PTA.

For more information, visit www.collinshillptsa.org.


kevin 2 years ago

So now the CFO and the Georgia PTA are out speaking against the amendment. It sure must be hitting them where it hurts. Too bad the taxpayer isn't speaking more about the amendment. Vote YES and not what the powers to be what you to do. I think it is past time for the AG (Olens) to start enforcing Georgia's laws, for which he took an oath.


Mack711 2 years ago

PTA= Parents To Adminester

Am all for some competition to the current system. Should competition exist that will only make each stronger. You have heard the old saying 'I am from the government and am here to help" In some cases it is proven that private companies can do the job cheaper and easier, same may apply here. Well the voters will have their say soon. Wait and see what happens.


CarolR 2 years ago

Kevin, a Pro-Amendment speaker was confirmed after the press release was sent. And to be clear, the PTSA is a separate, private organization and is not subject to the Ethics in Government Act. While the PTA has a position against the amendment for many reasons, we are still trying to present both sides as well as have speakers there that can answer specific questions related to what the school system pays for as well as the process for local board approval of charters.


CD 2 years ago

If only the amendment was really about kids. This is about establishing a pipeline of taxpayer dollars to business. Read up on the largest charter school operation in Florida.


slumlord 2 years ago

I doubt there will be many facts discussed at this meeting. Only anti-choice people are scheduled to talk.


CarolR 2 years ago

a Pro-Amendment speaker was added after the press release was sent. Hence the wording "Guests include"


Say_that_again 2 years ago

It is unfortunate that most people vote without understanding the issues. Even when faced with the facts, too many still vote based on the ridiculous emotional feeling that private must be better. Remember, private is for profit while public is for education. With a twenty year history of charter schools, they have yet to prove the ability to compete with public education. The charter schools that I have been able to locate that excel past local public schools have been run by local school boards with control over them. Don't be so foolish as to give away millions to corporate executives whose primary concern is profit.


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