Cops: 6-foot pot plants pulled from Snellville grow house

Robert Andrew Tellier

Robert Andrew Tellier

SNELLVILLE — The smell coming from an alleged marijuana grow house in Snellville was so strong, police said, that patrol officers sniffed it out from about half a mile away.

Snellville police officers pulled 21 marijuana plants — some as tall as six feet — from the back bedroom of a home on Pate Street South on Friday morning, Sgt. Trey Downs said. The plants were mature and each could have produced a harvest of up to a pound, an estimated total street value of $25,000.

He wasn’t home at the time of a search warrant’s execution, but resident Robert Andrew Tellier, 29, was ultimately arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of Schedule II narcotics. Oxycodone was also found in the home, Downs said.

Authorities were led to what they called a “fairly sophisticated marijuana grow operation” by the simplest of leads — a smell.

Downs said night patrol officers were driving, windows down, in the area of the First Baptist Church of Snellville at about 2 a.m. Friday when they first caught a whiff of “raw marijuana.” They followed the trail about a half-mile down Henry Clower Boulevard to Pate Street, where they found the home Tellier was reportedly living in alone.

From outside the officers “smelled a very strong odor of raw marijuana and saw that the windows were covered in black plastic,” Downs said. A faint light was visible through a crack in the plastic, he said. Investigators were called in and a search warrant was executed.

Tellier was later found at a nearby residence, Downs said.


news2me 2 years, 8 months ago

patrol officers sniffed it out from about half a mile away.

Holy Hemp!


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