THE DISH: Dicky Doo's Diner


• Mexican break “fast” wrap — Egg, cheese, onions, peppers and your choice of meat (chicken, bacon or sausage) wrapped in a tortilla, $3.50

• BBQ pulled pork platter — Barbecue pork served with two sides and a biscuit or corn bread, $7.50

• Southern fried goodness — Fried chicken served with two sides and a biscuit or corn bread, $6.50

• Brent’s double bacon burger — A beef patty covered with bacon and American or Pepper Jack cheese, $5.25


Staff Photos: Meghan Kotowski Dicky Doo's serves Southern classics, like corn bread, squash casserole, grits, homemade biscuits, Brunswick stew and slow cooked pork barbecue.


The eatery is attached to a Chevron gas station, complete with six tables for dine in service.


Dicky Doo's Diner

Dicky Doo's Diner

2700 Lawrenceville Highway, Lawrenceville



Open since: April 2010

Owner: Dicky Parks

Location: Dicky Doo's is connected to the Chevron gas station at the intersection of Gloster Road and Lawrenceville Highway. It's next to the Domino's Pizza.

Hours: 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays, closed Sundays

Atmosphere: Although Dicky Doo's is located in the same building as a gas station, it is far from a trucker's pit stop.

The inside has six tables with red and white checkered tablecloths and wooden padded chairs. There are high shelves on two walls with University of Georgia football memorabilia, old Coca-Cola bottles (think 1996 Olympics) and vintage record sleeves. Owner Dicky Parks has a collection of music ranging from the Jackson 5 to Elvis Presley to Johnny Mathis displayed out of reach.

It feels like eating in someone's living room.

"It's a local place for local people," Parks said.

Guests walk to the counter, order food and wait until the meal is ready -- it only takes about five minutes, at the most.

Menu: Parks decided to leave his mechanical work behind to start a restaurant a few years ago.

"I enjoy cooking. It's a passion that I have," he said. "I've been cooking for 20 years."

Parks and his crew make everything from scratch, including the biscuits, corn bread, fried chicken and ribs. The morning cook gets in at 4 a.m. to start the prep work. Parks gets in at 5 a.m.

The owner grew up on this type of food -- he's a Georgia boy who has lived here all of his life.

"I don't know how to describe the menu other than it's a Southern guy making Southern food with a lot of love in it," Parks said.

Wednesdays through Fridays, Parks slow cooks St. Louis spare ribs in his outside smoker for lunch.

Besides the usual breakfast and lunch options, Dicky Doo's caters for large events, like wedding receptions, parties, special events and corporate events.

"We can do anything they want," Parks said. "We can do all kinds of meat and anything else. They just need to tell me."

But it will be a down-home kind of meal -- a little messy with lots of napkins.

"I don't do fancy cooking, I'm just a Southern boy," he said.

Things you might not know: Parks has won the People's Choice Ribs Award at the Rock'n Ribs Fest three years in a row.