Loganville council hammers out ethics ordinance details

LOGANVILLE -- Several amendments to the city of Loganville's ethics ordinance were presented to mayor Ray Nunley and council members Thursday evening by city attorney Karen Woodward. One of the changes contested by council members and voiced by councilman Mike Jones was a measure preventing a filing of ethics complaints in the time period between election qualifying and the election itself (roughly late August through early November). This proposed change was intended to prevent politically motivated ethics charges being filed against a candidate during a campaign/election period.

Jones protested this change Thursday, saying that the measure provides preferential treatment to those running for political office. Three other council members agreed with him, so the amendment was not approved. Councilwoman Michelle Lynch and councilman Mark Kiddoo disagreed with Jones, saying that allowing such filings encourages politically motivated agendas.New town center concept approvedLynch presented a revised concept drawing of the proposed Loganville Town Center during Thursday's city council meeting, pointing out that the amphitheater will now be located on the northeast quadrant of the plan. The move was based on two things: safety (moving the majority of activities away from Main Street) and taking advantage of the natural grade of the land, saving the city $60,000-$100,000. The changed concept plan was approved unanimously by council, and construction, according to city manager Bill Jones, will begin as early as next week.Water management plan reachedCity support was demonstrated unanimously by vote Thursday for a plan to run water, sewer and reused water pipe to the Bay Creek Church school site, with the city's utilities department overseeing the project. Thursday's vote simply demonstrated the city's support of the plan devised by Walton County, the Walton County Board of Education and the city of Loganville, not an actual go-ahead on the work. That action should take place before the end of the year, according to councilman Dan Curry.

This plan "will give Loganville kids in middle and elementary school the best schools we can give them," said councilman Skip Baliles.