Snellville amends alcohol ordinance

SNELLVILLE -- The Snellville City Council cut local restaurants a break Monday, voting unanimously to tweak the city's alcoholic beverage ordinance.

In the past, businesses applying for alcohol licenses had to pay a full year's fees, no matter what time of the year they were granted the permit. The change adopted Monday will prorate the fees accordingly.

"This was something that when we talked to some of our local business and restaurants, this was a complaint they had about the way we work," Mayor Kelly Kautz said. "Currently it didn't matter when you came into existence, you still had to pay for a full year."

The amendment to Snellville's alcohol ordinance also tweaked the due date of such fees. Kautz said the previous date of Dec. 31 was typically a "tough time" for restaurants to come up with the money.

The city will now collect ordinance fees on March 31, the same time it receives business and occupational taxes, Kautz said.

The motion passed by a 6-0 vote.

Art or not?

A sculpture proposed for Snellville's community garden didn't exactly meet opposition Monday, but Councilman Dave Emanuel abstained from voting.

Emanuel said he didn't "see" the project -- sketched out as a scarecrow fashioned from gardening tools which would be donated from Lowe's, Kautz said -- as true art.

"I can't vote for it as sculpture," Emanuel said. "I think if we're going to have sculpture, we should have sculpture."

Councilman Bobby Howard added that "art is the eye of the beholder," but joined the remainder of the council in voting to approve the sculpture.

"It is kind of whimsical," Howard said, "but it's a garden kind of thing."

Stormwater projects awarded

The council voted unanimously Monday to award contracts on several different stormwater projects throughout the city, the sum of which totalling approximately $376,000.

City Manager Butch Sanders said a total of 11 projects were awarded separately, saving the city an estimated $6,000 over granting the projects to a single contractor.

"I think we have good contractors and a good process that we went through," Sanders said.

A full list of the projects is available in Monday night's agenda packet at snellville.org.


teelee 2 years, 12 months ago

Nothing but government extortion, there is no reason the license should be that expensive. The fact they had to pay a full year with two months to go is absurd, this is why government has the reputation that it has. In this economy there should be incentives to start businesses, not brick walls.


Karl 2 years, 12 months ago

You say, "...there is no reason the license should be that expensive."

How expensive is it?


kkautz 2 years, 12 months ago

Snellville actually has some of the lowest alcohol permit fees in the County. It is important to us to not only help attract new business in Snellville but to also help our existing businesses. Hopefully, this amendment did both.

But teelee is correct we need to work on the incentives that we offer new businesses. The Economic Development Committee that I appointed as Mayor is working on this. The subcommittee for business incentives is in the process of making a report to Council in November for recommended incentives that the City should develop. In the meantime Mayor and Council have already begun the process along with the Evermore CID of creating Opportunity Zones.

Mayor Kelly Kautz


rocknroll 2 years, 12 months ago

teelee I think you missed something. The council tore down a brick wall it didn't put one up. Before the vote last night you had to pay for the whole year. The council voted to make licenses fees pro-rated so if you only pay for the license from the day it's issued till the end of the year. They also gave businesses three months to pay the fee to make it easier on businesses. If you apply on Jan 1 you have until March 31 to pay. All this is on the city web site so you can see it for yourself just like I did. You should check your facts before you post.


Why_not 2 years, 11 months ago

I think Teepee only reads the first few lines of a story before he posts....haha


SnellvilleTod 2 years, 12 months ago

The City of Snellville has seen great investments by businesses in the last few years. While other cities have been overwhelmed with a sea of vacant store fronts we have seen true growth in our retail and commercial sectors. Walmart just opened a Neighborhood Market. Other new businesses include Academy Sports, Olive Garden and Verizon. These businesses all have one thing in common, they didn't just move into empty buildings instead they redeveloped older structures that were past their prime. All of this happened because we made it clear that we were looking toward the future by starting an economic development program and a community building program (aka STAT - Snellville Tourism and Trade). Thankfully, the greater Snellville community has embraced these efforts and is committed to keeping the momentum that draws businesses to our city. Correcting the defects in the alcohol ordinance is just one more step to a much brighter future.


rocknroll 2 years, 11 months ago

Another Kautz fraud. She voted against every form of economic development then when new companies move in and things go well she tries to take credit. She brags about this committee that has done nothing for almost a year and she wants to give away taxpayer money for incentives to bring in new business. Verizon came to Snellville with no incentive. Academy Sports came to Snellville with no incentive. Walmart came to Snellville with no incentive. Olive Garden came to Snellville with no incentive. I hope the other Council members have more sense than this poor excuse for a mayor and don't give away my tax dollars. I'm really sick of this mayor abusing the taxpayers.


kevin 2 years, 11 months ago

Snellville, the little Chicago, finally came into the 21st century with this change.


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