Duluth council votes to amend alcohol ordinance

DULUTH -- The Duluth City Council voted to amend the current alcohol ordinance in many areas.

The changes mostly included wording but also changed some of the requirements.

One of the biggest changes happened with Section 3-221 (b) and 3-240. Both struck the section which stated, "or a second offense of driving under the influence of alcohol" with "two or more convictions of driving under the influence of alcohol."

Another change was made to Section 3-111 (b), in which businesses within 100 yards of any school building, educational building, school grounds or college campus were not permitted any licenses. The council voted to eliminate the 100-yard distance portion when it comes to businesses selling beer and wine only.

"I want us to be clear on this," said councilman Billy Jones. "This does not include liquor. It's only for beer and wine."

Permit fees for nonprofit and civic organizations were also reduced from $35 to $15, and are exempt from training requirements.

In other business, the council voted to approve the award of a bid to Revize for a website redesign and content management implementation. Of the six bids submitted, Revize bid the lowest at $29,600.

The cost includes upkeep for the first year, with a $2,960 charge for upkeep in years two and three. In the fourth year, the city can elect to have a total redesign again, whichRevize will do for free.

The council also voted to move $10,100 from 2005 SPLOST money to purchase fountain mister heads and fountain control timers for Rogers Bridge Dog Park; and $25,000 from 2009 SPLOST money for landscaping and change orders for the McClure Bridge Road and roundabout construction project.

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