School lunch menus for the week of Oct. 9 through Oct. 12.


-- Tuesday: Mozzarella sticks, tasty toastie, scrumptious subs, bean and cheese taco, zesty frijoles, fresh cut melon, chilled fruit.

-- Wednesday: Queso nachos, roasted chicken, signature salads, fruit and yogurt trifle, buttered corn, cupped fruit, flavorful fruit crisp.

-- Thursday: Asian bites, sloppy joe, scrumptious subs, hummus and chips, garden salad, fresh berries, chilled fruit.

-- Friday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, poppin' popcorn shrimp, pinwheels, veggie sandwich, steamed broccoli, fruit salad, assorted dried fruit.

Middle school

-- Tuesday: Ultimate hot dog bar, big daddy's pizza, robust wraps, featured salads, veggie corn dogs, fresh cut melon, oven baked potatoes.

-- Wednesday: Ravioli marinara, crispy chicken sammie, sensational subs, featured salads, veggie burger, flavor filled fruit crisp, savory steamed, broccoli.

-- Thursday: Asian to go, big daddy's pizza, turkey club, featured salads, veggie burger, fresh berries, garden green beans.

-- Friday: Creamy mac and cheese, catch of the day, sensational subs, featured salads, hummus and pretzels, chex fruit salad, bold baked beans.

High school

-- Tuesday: Southern BBQ pork plate, spicy chicken sammie, sensational subs, Asian to go, big daddy's pizza, featured salads, veggie burger.

-- Wednesday: Crispy chicken and pasta, juicy turkey burger, turkey club, hand rolled burrito, big daddy's pizza, featured salads, veggie burger.

-- Thursday: Herb roasted turkey, ultimate hot dog bar, sensational subs, hawaiian chicken sammie, flat bread pizza, featured salads, fruit and yogurt trifle.

-- Friday: Spaghetti bolgnese, seafood basket, robust wraps, tasty toastie, big daddy's pizza, featured salad, veggie burger.