Jury convicts on murder, assault counts

LAWRENCEVILLE -- After about a day of deliberations, a Gwinnett jury on Friday convicted a Marietta man of murder in a 2010 fatal shooting that resulted from a soured cocaine deal.

Tremain Davis, 38, was convicted on counts of murder and aggravated assault. His sentencing was deferred until next month, said Jon Setzer, assistant district attorney.

Davis fatally shot Felipe Brito, 39, who was part of a team selling $29,000 worth of cocaine in the parking lot of the Carrington Chase Apartments on Club Drive. Davis was also shot, along with a friend of Brito's named Miguel Batista, who gave key eyewitness testimony in court this week.

Prosecutors believe Davis and at least one other man -- co-defendant Armand Babbitt, 33, of Lawrenceville -- came to the apartments that day in a black Dodge Charger, intent on ripping off the cocaine dealers.

Like Babbitt, Davis faced two counts of felony murder, armed robbery, two counts of aggravated assault and weapons possession. He faces life in prison.