FILM FANS: Film fans want to travel time with 'Looper'

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3 stars out of 4

I should know by now that when a movie is hyped as a masterpiece your "BS" detector ears should start ringing. I had high expectations and after a slow build up, the movie delivered in a not too muted way (you'll understand when you see it); I don't think it was a coincidence that Bruce Willis was selected for this movie after "Sixth Sense."

By now you should have heard that this movie seems to be about a time travel story. That is not new. What is novel is the level of matter of fact violence and despair in a unexplained post Mad Max world set in a city and a farm (is this Kansas?) ... and the TK gene. Welcome to the Looper world seen from the eyes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a monotonous Groundhog Day orphan turned killer without a conscience. You will be slowly enveloped in his miserly existence and as the movie progresses and the story is delivered you will understand. At the end, there is a glimmer of hope but not enough for me.

Is it a masterpiece? Will it be remembered 30 years later? I don't think so -- go see it and make up your own mind.

-- Alfred Richner, Duluth

3 stars out of 4

"Looper," starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe, Emily Blunt as Sara and one of the greatest action heroes, Bruce Willis as older Joe, combine forces in this sci-fi time travel movie that takes place in 2044.

The premise is that the only people who use time travel are assassins that the mafia-run government hires to dispose of criminals.

Joe, one of these well-paid assassins, has been saving his payment of silver bars for plans he has for the future. However, as his future collides with his present, his entire future begins changing, as well as his very nature as he transforms more into his "future" self, and his "future" self shifts more into who he is in the present.

I can't say too much without giving away too much. I saw a little bit of "Jumper" in it, (another sci-fi travel movie), as well as strong similarities of "The Butterfly Effect" with Ashton Kutcher, truly the best movie he's ever been in and probably will ever be in. There are only so many paths to explore with a time travel theme, but I enjoyed this film, and do recommend seeing it.

-- Cathryn Veal,Lawrenceville

4 stars out of 4

This film is outstanding in every way and on all levels. Being a big fan of time travel movies, "Looper" is impressive. The movie is set in the not so distant, darker future of 2044 where there is no middle class and only the privileged or the poor. Time travel is invented and possible in 2074, 30 years in the future, and is used illegally by the mob as a way to assassinate people. They send people back in time and hire mob hit men called loopers to shoot them when they appear hooded and bound at a certain time and place. When the mob is done with a looper, they send back their future self to be eliminated and live out their next 30 years.

Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one of these loopers and things get out of control when his future self, played by Bruce Willis, is sent back to close the loop, but escapes. Future Joe wants to elude his future fate and plans to change the future. The story is engaging, mind-bending, action packed, fast-paced and has a great twist at the end that leaves you very satisfied. The acting is top notch and the cast does an outstanding job playing off each other to provide a great movie experience. There is no doubt I will have to see this movie for a second time just to enjoy one of the best sci-fi time traveling movies I've seen in a long time. You will not be disappointed with this must-see movie.-- Ken Gamble, Lawrenceville