Peachtree Corners appoints city attorney

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- The city of Peachtree Corners hired another city employee during Tuesday's City Council meeting; this time it was their city attorney.

However, the mayor and city council didn't have to go far in search of their attorney, as he had already been working with the city since its inception.

William Riley helped new cities like Dunwoody, Milton and Sandy Springs get off the ground when each became incorporated cities, and will bring that experience to Peachtree Corners.

"I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to work for the city and the citizens," Riley said.

In the last seven years, Riley said he and his firm have learned what it takes to represent a new city, and how to best represent the city.

"Peachtree Corners is getting the benefit of experimentation that has gone on the last seven years," he said. "When I first worked with Sandy Springs seven years ago, we didn't have the same tools that we have now with Peachtree Corners."

Mayor Mike Mason praised Riley and said it was a no-brainer when he and the council were selecting for the position.

"Mr. Riley has been a city attorney for almost every city (in the Atlanta-area) that has started up in the last seven years," Mason said. "He is one of the pre-eminent attorneys in the metro area."

Mason also pointed to Riley's pro-bono work with he and the city, before the city was actually in existence.

"He started working with us in March, before the city was created, to help get things in order," Mason said. "We started strategizing about how to get off the ground. Without him, things wouldn't have gone as smoothly as they did."

Other items discussed included:

The review and consideration to approve a job description and advertisement for the position of city clerk. The mayor and City Council asked the description include someone with successful city clerk experience and training.

A first read for a consideration of a franchise fee agreement between Atlanta Gas Light and the city to provide gas works and distribution within the city.