Lingerie Football League coming to Gwinnett

Photo: Lingerie Football League

Photo: Lingerie Football League


Photo: Lingerie Football League

DULUTH -- The newest football team to call Gwinnett its home will be, uh, a little different.

The Lingerie Football League -- which is exactly what it sounds like -- announced Tuesday that it will expand by adding a team in the Atlanta market, and that the heretofore unnamed team will play its home games at the Arena at Gwinnett Center.

The team will host games in Gwinnett on April 13 and May 18 of next year, according to a news release.

"Atlanta is one of those signature markets that any sports league targets," Lingerie Football League founder and chairman Mitchell Mortaza said in a statement. "What primarily drove our decision to come to Atlanta was the incredible interest from the city, host arenas and fans."

The Lingerie Football League -- which bills itself as "true fantasy football" -- currently has 12 teams across the United States, boasting names like the Las Vegas Sin, the Los Angeles Temptation and the Philadelphia Passion. Teams play full-contact, 7-on-7 football while wearing skimpy two-piece bikini-style outfits, shoulder pads and helmets.

The league said it had interest from Philips Arena in Atlanta and the Arena at Gwinnett Center before choosing the latter.

"It is our intention to offer a diverse range of entertainment options for the community and (we) believe this unique sport is a way to reach a new audience," Joseph Dennis, general manager of the Gwinnett Center, said.

The league said an open tryout for it's Atlanta-area team will be scheduled soon.

The franchise has not yet been christened, and the league is inviting fans to submit possible team names. Suggestions can be submitted to LFLinAtlanta@LFLUS.com through Friday, Oct. 19.


NewsReader 3 years ago

So you believe this unique sport is a way to reach a new audience? LOL, just what "new audience" are you trying to reach out to?


R 3 years ago

The "one" that will spend some bucks ...

Hold my beer and watch this.


NorcrossDot 3 years ago

Just when I thought I had heard it all. LOL


John_Smith 3 years ago

This will draw all of the butt-ugly feminists out of the woodwork. I can just see them now protesting outside of the games.


Award88 3 years ago

That's fine. I'll walk right past them on my way inside to watch the game.


citized 3 years ago

Aer they going to use thr "replacement" refs? Do they need side judges?


dentaldawg83 3 years ago

These gals play rough. I'll definetly check it out.


kevin 3 years ago

I guess Gwinnett needs another good laugh! What a waste of a person's time & money. Maybe this is the start of replacement NFL players since that league has turned into a touch football game..


R 3 years ago

Anything that brings in revenue using the existing facilities to offset Cool Ray Field…

Now when they need a new open air facility.


hanzvonhanz81 3 years ago

It will be fun to watch because the ladies do go out there and leave everything on the field. I say who ever the Owner is of this team Maybe should think about investing in the Georgia Force to come back to the Arena Football League!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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