Norcross leaders approve traffic study guidelines, ordinance

NORCROSS -- Mayor pro tem Andrew Hixson and city council members voted Monday to approve a Traffic Study Guidelines Ordinance and the necessary associated parameters. In effect, the ordinance requires developers of new projects 100,000 square feet and more to provide a traffic impact study to assess the amount of expected new traffic imposed by the project.

Councilman Ross Kaul asked city engineer Jeff Mueller whether the additional cost might cause developers to take their projects elsewhere. Community Development Director/Planner Chris McCrary estimated that the additional $5,000 to $10,000 cost would not deter new development. In order for the ordinance to impact a new project, "It would have to be a pretty big (development). We probably won't see a lot of them, frankly," McCrary said.

City to request proposals, pricing for city hall parking

Council members also voted to allow staff members to begin the process to solicit bid pricing for additional parking at City Hall. Price estimates provided by Mueller on Monday ranged from about $28,000 for typical asphalt (impervious) to nearly $41,000 for a pervious surface for the spaces.

Pervious surface pricing will be solicited in the Request for Proposal. According to McCrary, the price estimates for both surfaces are just that -- estimates -- and actual bids solicited by contractors will be reviewed, with the lowest bidder likely winning the contract.