Former Falcon Ray Buchanan charged with DUI

DULUTH -- Former Atlanta Falcons star cornerback "Big Play Ray" Buchanan was arrested on DUI charges in Gwinnett Saturday.

Buchanan was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, speeding, and improper lane change at approximately 4:15 a.m. on Saturday, his 41st birthday. A Falcon from 1997 to 2003, the Duluth resident was allegedly clocked driving 95 mph on Interstate 85 north near Ga. Highway 316, a 65 mph zone.

The responding Gwinnett County police officer said Buchanan's GMC Terrain was "darting in and out of traffic."

"The vehicle would change lanes in between small gaps between cars without using a signal," the officer wrote. "The lane changes were unsafe and almost resulted in an accident."

When the officer turned his lights on to initiate a traffic stop, Buchanan reportedly swerved across five lanes to the right shoulder in one motion.

Buchanan told police he had a "single drink," but registered a blood-alcohol content of .091 during a breath test administered at the Gwinnett County Police Department's central precinct, police said.

Specific details regarding any field sobriety tests administered were not available Monday.

Jail records show Buchanan was released on $2,319 bond about four hours after being arrested.

Buchanan was a Pro Bowl cornerback during his 1998 season in Atlanta and had 47 career interceptions. He raised national eyebrows when he wore a dog collar to media day festivities prior to the Falcons' loss in Super Bowl XXXIII.


Don 3 years ago

Driving while stupid. I guess it will take time to realize that when you drive up I-85 at four in the morning over 70mph your going to get pulled over.

Waiting to see if he was at Magic City like Turner.

At 41 one should know better!

I would like to see him picking up garbage on the side of the streets for about six months,


Sandykin 3 years ago

It would be great if he got treated just like anyone else arrested for DUI. However, it's a sure bet, his community service will be lecturing high school students on the perils of drunk driving while promoting his own celebrity. His hand will never touch the trash on the side of the road or a run paint brush on the inside of a dumpster like any other DUI offender.


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