Snellville mulls changes to sign ordinance

SNELLVILLE -- Mayor Kelly Kautz, city council members and Board of Appeals members met during a special-called work session Monday to discuss possible changes to the city's sign ordinance. Jon Davis, Snellville's Planning Director, said during the work session that the city's ordinance is "completely and deliberately content neutral" and managed via variance requests.

Changes to the ordinance would relieve some of the administrative burden of managing numerous variance requests. "I'm trying to get away from taking so much stuff to the Board of Appeals," Davis said.

Signs of all types, from awnings to electronic signs to feather-style banners and flags, are addressed in the proposed changes to the guidelines.

Police Chief Roy Whitehead pointed out Monday that signs placed along the right of way within city limits is another problem that must be addressed, as often those signs are placed by companies and parties outside the city. Tracking down and prosecuting such violators is problematic.

According to councilman Dave Emanuel, there are still too many issues to be considered with regard to crafting changes to the ordinance to bring the matter before council in the Dec. 10 regularly scheduled council meeting.