LETTERS: GOP foolish to acquiesce on amnesty plan

Kudos to D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, for pointing out that the GOP will start pandering to illegal aliens ("GOP doesn't understand amnesty effects," Nov. 15, 7A). Heavens sake, no one can out-pander the Democrats so why should the GOP even try to join the disgusting Democrat program of trading American citizenship for votes.

As a former Immigration Inspector with the old INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), perhaps I might add a few observations of the badly flawed 1986 amnesty. The current proposals for amnesty smell much like the rotten-to-the core 1986 amnesty. In order to gain passage of the 1986 amnesty, three basic promises were made. First, our border was to be made secure with more stringent entry requirements with better tracking of foreign visitors. Second was that effective interior employment procedures would halt the employment of illegal aliens. Third, we were faithfully promised that there would be no more amnesties. Yeah, sure. Immediately after enactment of this 1986 amnesty, promised funding and programs were purposely eliminated and all three promises were not only broken but political pressure applied to hamper immigration enforcement

The destructive 1986 amnesty created a massive market for counterfeit documents that were routinely used by a majority of illegal aliens granted this amnesty. The INS was overwhelmed by the numbers, required employees were not hired and the INS was effectively forced to use the rubber stamp of approval. The present Department of Homeland Security is likewise ill equipped to handle a massive amnesty that is predicted to be over four times as large as the amnesty of 1986 and the current political masters of the DHS will continue to hamstring enforcement.

Although many of the young illegal aliens within our borders should probably be legalized, it appears that President Obama will likely mandate that all family members, even those not currently within our borders, will also be amnestied. And the requirements that illegal aliens must meet will be so loose as to defy enforcement. Massive fraud will again be the norm and little is being done to stop the continuing illegal immigration and even more amnesties.

And the GOP wants to compete with this idiocy?

Ernest Wade, Loganville


kevin 2 years, 10 months ago

I agree with you 100%. This is why folks must stop re-electing the old GOP politicians. You keep your principals no matter what happens. This is the Liberal trap that you are talking about and folks need to get their head screwed on right. The people voted for 4 more years of the same old * so let them have it. They like to get government checks, so let them have it. They like to listen to lies, so let them have it. There is a huge space between heaven and hell so let them have it.


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