LETTERS: Are you sure you want your child to play football?

Football, start to finish:

The start: Look at the Daily Post Nov. 18 edition on page 1C, a full page of several pics of uniformed footballers age

6 up to eighth-graders.

The finish: Look at the Daily Post on Nov. 17 on page 8B, almost a half page of weekly NFL Injury Report listing

245 injured players among the 32 teams, 10 of the players with concussions.

How many Gwinnett County mothers want their little ones to eventually play

pro football?

Don Trantow, Buford


kevin 2 years, 10 months ago

You should have watched Fox News report on this subject. The fact that parents, both mothers & fathers, are sacrificing their kids bodies and futures by forcing them to play sports so they don't have to pay for a college education. What a bunch of disgraceful parents in this country. To cheap to fork over the money to make sure their kids get educated instead of beaten up like tree pulp. Ever wonder why players didn't get hurt so much back when football uniforms were smaller in the 50's? Because violence is taught in sports, evidenced by the drugs taken by players. Take the NFL for one. Those players think they are above the law and they get away with drugs, and all kinds of moral issues that normal folks would go to jail for.

Blame the parents for putting their kids through all this. Do not blames others. You made those choices to allow this to happen so live with it.


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