POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: GOP chair encourages members after election

Despite a painful presidential loss earlier this month, Gwinnett GOP Chairman Bruce LeVell said he was proud of the local party, which brought Mitt Romney a win in Gwinnett.

LeVell wrote an email message to party members last week -- after taking some time to reflect on the nationwide results that gave a second term to President Barack Obama.

"I believe that we all needed a little time for the rawness of the loss we experienced to process, so that we could think more clearly about the work that lay ahead," LeVell wrote to the party faithful. "There is no question that Governor Romney's loss hurt very deeply, particularly after so many people put so much effort into electing him. ... But most of all, the election result should strengthen the resolve on the part of all of us in the Republican Party to continue the fight, no matter how we must do it, to ensure that our principles of liberty and freedom are communicated to every corner of Gwinnett County, Georgia and America."

LeVell praised the efforts of more than 200 Gwinnett phone bank volunteers, who made thousands of calls, including 21,516 to the swing state of Ohio. He thanked people for not only marching in local parades and knocking on doors in Gwinnett but for traveling to Virginia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

"There is no question that Republican enthusiasm and energy was at an all-time high, certainly here in Gwinnett, and in the state of Georgia, where the Romney/Ryan ticket maintained our GOP dominance," he said.

Locally, he added, the election of Joyce Chandler to the Georgia House of Representatives helped the GOP keep a constitutional majority in the chamber. And local politics remains in Republican hands.

"We must not waver in our commitment to keep the faith," LeVell added, making a pitch for people to continue to help. "We will communicate to every corner of this county, state and nation, that if you believe in the free market system, individual responsibility and the principles this nation was founded on, then you are a Republican. We will ask anyone who believes these things to join us, and we will return stronger than ever."

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R 2 years, 10 months ago

And now that the national distraction of “Indecision 2012” is over …

“And local politics remains in Republican hands.”

It’s time to raise the bar here locally, if it’s truly the desire of the GOP to keep it “that” way.

It’s time to step up and take a public stand on the apparent failure of some of those recent officeholders to represent the residents…

Surely there has to be a way to support the human being flawed beings that we are, but call out the egregious behavior. Because “Lack of comment” over long periods is interpreted by most as “agreement”.


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