Ga. traffic fatalities up from 2011

ATLANTA — The Governor's Office of Highway Safety reports that traffic fatalities in Georgia are higher in 2012 than they were at this point last year.

Authorities are urging drivers to use caution during holiday travel, and the Associated Press reported that police will be participating in the "Click-it or Ticket" campaign during the week's holiday travel season.

Officials say 1,013 people have died in accidents through Nov. 15. Traffic fatalities decreased in the state from 1,745 in 2005 to 1,226 in 2011.

A spokeswoman for the Governor's Office of Highway Safety said that nearly half of the people killed in car accidents in the state were not wearing seatbelts.


kevin 2 years, 9 months ago

Just look at the way people drive here and you can see why there are so many deaths on the road. Count how many people tailgate you when you are going the speed limit. They are too stupid to pass you or slow down. More and more drivers have been getting their drivers license at Walmart.


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