Tripp to move to new hospital

The Winder toddler recovering from a head injury is expected to move to a new hospital on Tuesday.

Tripp Halstead, 2, has recovered at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta since Oct. 29 when a tree limb fell on him at his Barrow County daycare. But his mother, Stacy, wrote on Facebook on Monday that while her son's condition hasn't changed, doctors expect to move him to Scottish Rite on Tuesday. She described him as if he's a newborn.

"He can't hold his head up on his own, he still has no expression except a moan when he gets upset," Stacy wrote on the Facebook fan page "Tripp Halstead Updates." "He doesn't really move his arms and legs yet on his own."

Medical personnel offered Tripp a spoonful of water on Monday, but the toddler wouldn't swallow, his mother wrote.

Tripp's head is still swollen, and part of his skull is missing.

While many of the tubes connected to his face and head were removed last week, Stacy wrote that there is still a feeding tube in Tripp's nose and wires attached to his chest.

On Sunday, Tripp's father Bill, wrote that results from a CT scan revealed that his son's brain injury is very severe.

"The doctor told us that most injuries like this, people do not survive," Bill wrote. "The surgeon said today that he told us the night of the surgery Tripp had a 50/50 chance to make it through the night, neither of us remember that because of the shock."

Throughout the recovery, Tripp's parents have remained positive, and were especially grateful to hold him out of his hospital bed late last week.

"We still do not know what our recovery will look like, but the good news is that Tripp is still here, that he will be able to have a recovery, that we still have our baby," Bill wrote. "We are getting ready for his next step to rehab, we know how hard it is going to be on all of us."

On Nov. 26, Atlanta-area Chili's locations are donating 10 percent of all sales from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., with each flyer presented, to "Team Boom" to offset the Halstead family's medical costs. Flyers can be found at the "Tripp Halstead Updates" Facebook page, or at chilis.com.