GWINNETT GRADS: In Front of the Cameras

A quick look at where to watch former Gwinnett standouts in today's college football action:

Noon --Iowa at Michigan, ESPN

Peachtree Ridge grad Tommy Donatell (No. 13) is a linebacker for Iowa.

Noon --Northwestern at Michigan State, ESPN2

Brookwood's Andre Sims Jr. (No. 21) is a wide receiver and Brookwood's Nick Tompkins (No. 31) is a running back for Michigan State.

Noon --Florida State at Maryland, ESPNU

Mill Creek's Tyler Cierski (No. 49) is a running back for Maryland.

Noon --Yale at Harvard, NBC Sports Network

GAC's Colton Chapple (No. 19) and North Gwinnett's Scotty Hosch (No. 3) are quarterbacks and Collins Hill's Sam Batiste (No. 72) is a defensive tackle for Harvard.

Noon --Central Florida at Tulsa, SportSouth

Berkmar's Troy Davis (No. 58) plays defensive line at Central Florida.

12:21 p.m. --Arkansas at Mississippi State, WPCH

GAC's Julian Horton (No. 2) is a wide receiver and Ray Buchanan Jr. (No. 28) is a defensive back for Arkansas. Central Gwinnett's Dewayne Cherrington (No. 74) and North Gwinnett's Jordan Washington (No. 95) are defensive linemen for Mississippi State.

1:30 p.m. --Georgia Southern at Georgia, WSB

For Georgia Southern, Buford's Seon Jones (No. 22) are Buford's Dominique Swope (No. 31) are running backs, Norcross' Dion Dubose (No. 33) plays defensive end, Peachtree Ridge's Mitchell Williford (No. 81) plays wide receiver, Grayson's Wilson Hudgins (No. 82) is a tight end and Peachtree Ridge's Trevor McBurnett (No. 76), Mill Creek's Austin Hagan (No. 55), North Gwinnett's Manrey Saint-Armour (No. 75) and Norcross' Raymond Klugey (No. 70) play offensive line. For UGA, Buford's Kolton Houston (No. 75), Buford's Dallas Lee (No. 64) and Wesleyan's David Andrews (No. 61) play offensive line, GAC's Christian Robinson (No. 45) and Peachtree Ridge's A.J. McDonald (No. 46) are linebackers, Duluth's Ricky Lowe (No. 88) and Buford's Clint Kirk (No. 53) are defensive ends, Wesleyan's Kyle Karempelis (No. 33) and Wesleyan's Merritt Hall (No. 43) are running backs, Winder-Barrow's Taylor Bradberry (No. 81) is a wide receiver, Peachtree Ridge's Connor Norman (No. 11) and Grayson's Devin Gillespie (No. 28) are safeties, GAC's Jared Chapple (No. 41) is a tight end and Buford's Wright Gazaway (No. 60) is a snapper.

3 p.m. --USC at UCLA, Fox

Buford's Ryan Dillard (No. 49) is a cornerback for USC. Peachtree Ridge's Ahmaad Harris (No. 26) is a wide receiver for UCLA.

3 p.m. --South Florida at Miami, Fox SportSouth

Buford's Demetris Murray (No. 21) plays running back for South Florida.

3:30 p.m. --Duke at Georgia Tech, ESPNU

For Tech, Grayson's Shawn Green (No. 97) plays defensive line, Collins Hill's Charles Perkins (No. 21) is a running back, GAC's Chase Roberts (No. 79) is an offensive lineman, Norcross' Anthony Autry is a wide receiver, Central Gwinnett's Francis Kallon (No. 95) is a defensive end and Norcross' Chris Tanner (No. 17) is a kicker.

3:30 p.m. --Ole Miss at LSU, CBS

Grayson's Denzel Nkemdiche (No. 4) is a linebacker, Shiloh's Cameron Whigham (No. 55) plays defensive end and Peachtree Ridge's Justin Watts (No. 19) is a kicker for Ole Miss. Peachtree Ridge's Kevin Minter (No. 46) plays linebacker, Buford's Reid Ferguson (No. 50) is a snapper and Buford's Vadal Alexander (No. 78) is an offensive tackle for LSU.

3:30 p.m. --Ohio State at Wisconsin, ESPN2

Peachtree Ridge's Bradley Roby (No. 1) is a defensive back for Ohio State.

3:30 p.m. --Wake Forest at Notre Dame, NBC

Brookwood's Terence Davis (No. 81) plays wide receiver for Wake Forest.

3:30 p.m. --Texas Tech at Oklahoma State, SportSouth

Mill Creek's Ryan Robinson (No. 96) plays defensive end for Oklahoma State.

7 p.m. --Tennessee at Vanderbilt, ESPN2

North Gwinnett's Ja'Wuan James (No. 70) is an offensive tackle for Tennessee. South Gwinnett's Jonathan Krause (No. 17) is a wide receiver, Buford's Paris Head (No. 21) is a defensive back and Shiloh's Stephen Weatherly (No. 45) is a defensive end for Vandy.

7 p.m. --Syracuse at Missouri, ESPNU

Central Gwinnett's George Morris (No. 27) is a running back and Brookwood's Cameron Lynch (No. 38) plays linebacker for Syracuse.

7 p.m. --Iowa State at Kansas, Fox SportSouth

Shiloh's Ernst Brun (No. 84) is a tight end for Iowa State.

7 p.m. --Old Dominion at James Madison, NBC Sports Network

Collins Hill's Taylor Heinicke (No. 14) is a quarterback and Collins Hill's Andrew Everett (No. 91) is a defensive end for Old Dominion.

7:30 p.m. --Samford at Kentucky, CSS

Wesleyan's Brinson Porter (No. 49) is a defensive end and Peachtree Ridge's Jordan Boatright (No. 73) plays offensive line for Samford.

8 p.m. --Kansas State at Baylor, ESPN

Wesleyan's Andrew Frerking (No. 6) is a quarterback and Norcross' Prince Kent (No. 1) is a linebacker for Baylor.