Berkeley Lake approves permit for auto body repair shop

BERKELEY LAKE -- City leaders Thursday unanimously approved a special-use permit for an auto body repair shop located at 4540 S. Berkeley Lake Road.

The applicant assured Mayor Lois Salter and the council that the chemicals used in the course of performing the repair work will be monitored and disposed of by a company specializing in chemical disposal. He also stated that there will be no storage of old cars or those undergoing repair outside on the property.2009 bonds to be refinancedA resolution calling for 2009 bond refinancing was passed Thursday, with Brand Bank offering the city a 2.05 percent interest rate. According to Salter, the move will save Berkeley Lake taxpayers about $150,000 on a $1,463,000 bond over the life of the debt investment.Resident voices concerns about dirt placementSusan Hanson, a Berkeley Lake resident who lives on North Berkeley Lake Road, voiced her concerns during Thursday's council meeting about dirt placement around tree roots and trunks at the site of the new culvert on that same road. Hanson said that tree roots need oxygen, and that too much dirt piled atop the roots and up the trunk could kill the trees.

Hanson also expressed her dismay at the fact that the contractor planted English ivy along the graded slope at the site, an invasive plant that grows quickly and can eventually choke out nearby trees and shrubs.

Salter said that she has already addressed the issue with Gwinnett County and is waiting to hear what the next step to resolution should be.