RaceTrac coming to Oak Road and Highway 124 in Snellville

SNELLVILLE A "new concept" RaceTrac service station and convenience store is coming to the city of Snellville and will be located on 2.21 acres at the southwest corner of Oak Road and Highway 124. The high tech, 5,928 square-feet store, will be only the eighth such RaceTrac in Georgia and will offer indoor and outdoor seating, fresh foods, self-serve yogurt and other such offerings.

A rezoning, conditional use permit and land use plan change were required to accommodate RaceTrac corporation's newest project. Planning and Development Director Jon Davis said that RaceTrac representatives "have been very good about working with us," and compromise on a few issues such as lighting and sidewalk-to-curb treatment was required.

When mayor Kelly Kautz asked for public input on the matter, Nob Hill resident Kurt Schulz said that he was glad that the land would be developed as proposed. "That lot has been vacant and an eyesore for as long as we've lived in our house," said Schulz, who has lived in his Nob Hill home for 41 years.

"This is good business coming to town," said councilman Mike Sabbagh.

Race an issue in Snellville leadership?

During Monday evening's city council meeting, Kautz took the opportunity to nominate 11 appointments to several city boards and commissions. After the mayor cited Roberts Rules of Order in an attempt to nominate her choices without city council motions and seconds, city attorney Tony Powell confirmed mayor pro tem Tom Witts' assertion that council motions and seconds are required for such action.

When Kautz nominated Atlanta Attorney Fred Dawkins for the Evermore CID Board appointment, she specified that Dawkins is an African-American. When she nominated Jack Poles to the DDA, she again announced that her nominee is African-American.

Witts remarked later in the meeting that he did not understand why the other nine board nominations were made without any reference to race, going further to explain that Poles had never officially filed an application for the DDA board, and Snellville "has not had anyone on the CID Board for over a year," so the nomination of Atlanta attorney Dawkins made no sense to him.

In her comments near the end of Monday's meetings, Kautz stated that, since she had held the office of mayor, she has nominated 6 African-Americans for various boards, and city council has yet to approve one of them. Therefore, she made appoint Monday to announce Poles and Dawkins as being African-American.

Old city PD to be surveyed

Snellville's old police department, located at 2686 Springdale Road, will be surveyed and appraised following city council's go-ahead vote on Monday evening. The cost of the survey and appraisal will not exceed $1500, according to council specification.


Danielle 2 years, 11 months ago

Leave it to Kautz to play the race card. Anyone with a brain can see what she is doing and its despicable. She tried to bypass the normal way nominations are made so she could make the rest of the council look bad. One guy never even filed an application and it looks like the other guy doesn't have any connection to the city. So she nominates people who aren't qualified and then tries to make it look like a race thing. That's lower than low. this woman is a disgrace .


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