Ethics probe not enough to deter Balfour's re-election

LAWRENCEVILLE — A current criminal investigation wasn't enough to deter voters from making sure Don Balfour retained his title as the longest-serving Republican in Georgia's Senate.

Balfour, a Republican from Snellville, was re-elected Tuesday to the District 9 Senate seat he's held since 1992. With 95 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, Balfour had totaled just over 61 percent of the votes.

Democratic challenger Scott Drake had accumulated 25,870 votes, good for the remaining 39 percent.

Balfour, 55, is currently under criminal investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for allegedly filing false expense account reports. He has called the matter an "inadvertent mistake."

Balfour is the chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, serves on the Appropriations Committee, Education Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee.

He did not respond to the Daily Post's interview requests throughout his campaign.

Drake, 50, told the Daily Post previously that Balfour was "the personification of everything wrong with the General Assembly."

District 9 covers Gwinnett from the Mountain Park area to Lawrenceville and through Dacula.


jack 2 years, 10 months ago

The voters of District 9 have waived their right to complain about corrupt politicians.


Don_Coyote 2 years, 10 months ago

The single party thing isn't working people. Months after the evidence of falsifying his expense reports was surfaced by a layman utilizing open records laws the ethics committee gives him a wrist slap behind closed doors. This did not happen until after the primaries, which, as it stands now is how people are really elected in Gwinnett. The Republican AG finally decides a couple of months after that to have the GBI look into it but knowing nothing will come of it before the election.

The senator knows all he had to do is keep his head down low and ignore the media because he was going back regardless. And on top of all this he is still sitting on a million dollar campaign war chest amassed for an office that officially pays 17k annually. One he barely had to touch to float right back in and as of now, still the Senate Rules Committee Chairman. One of the most powerful positions in the legislature and obviously one that the lobbyists wish to keep as their friend.

Sometimes you need to ignore the party designation and vote for the person, or vote against them if need be. The only difference in this and Clayton County electing Victor Hill is the R and D after their names on the ballot.


suedehead 2 years, 9 months ago

A GOP supporter vote against his party even if the guy's a crook? Why that would be like burning the flag on the fourth of July at a gay pride rally held by the NAACP. That's why our governor is ethics deficient Nathan Deal.

Y'all scream about the way Gwinnett is governed, but you still vote these crooks in just because they aren't a Democrat.


R 2 years, 9 months ago

This is simply sad.

Now let’s see if the Senate will complete the letdown by leaving Mr. Balfour with committee chair responsibilities.

The VOTERS chose a Senator, the SENATE itself chooses its committee chairmen.

Speaker Ralston
The fools, democrats and unicorns are restless…


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