More than 107,000 vote early in Gwinnett

In this photograph from Oct. 15, more than a hundred people wait in line to vote early.

In this photograph from Oct. 15, more than a hundred people wait in line to vote early.


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LAWRENCEVILLE -- After three weeks of early voting, Gwinnett voters will head to the polls on Tuesday in traditional fashion for Election Day.

Inclement weather could play a factor in turnout as the National Weather Service has forcasted an 80 percent chance of precipitation on Tuesday in Gwinnett, mainly before 2 p.m. A high temperature is expected to be near 52 degrees and winds between 10 and 15 mph.

Gwinnett County officials have reported early voting wait times consistently at about 30 to 45 minutes since it began on Oct. 15, and peaking at around an hour and 15 minutes at lunch time. After the only early voting on a Saturday, Oct. 27, saw 7,600 people vote, the county created a web site that posted updated wait times four times throughout each day.

County spokesman Joe Sorenson said on Monday that this year's advance in-person voting was 91,998 people, compared with 50,024 in 2008. While more absentee by mail ballots are expected to be delivered through Tuesday, the total as of Friday was 15,813, while 2008 had 31,807.

Nearly 26,000 more Gwinnettians voted early in this election -- 107,811 -- than did with 2008, which had 81,831.

While the turnout four years ago was about 70 percent of registered voters, Sorenson said he wasn't sure if the weather would play a factor, or if some of the 70,000 inactive voters would show up. An inactive voter is someone who hadn't had contact with the Elections Office in three years, mail sent to their address had been returned, or they hadn't voted in the last two federal elections.

Statewide as of Friday, almost 1.9 million people had either voted in person or mailed in ballots. That's more than a third of all registered Georgia voters. The total is not final, as elections officials expect more mail-in ballots to arrive through Election Day, the Associated Press reported. About 2 million people voted early in 2008.

Most demographic groups are down slightly from their 2008 totals, the AP reported. Hispanic men and women are exceptions. Combined, they have cast 15,666 ballots, up from 14,914 four years ago.

Asian-Americans are also up slightly, casting 12,159 ballots compared to the previous 12,017.

African-American voters made up about a third of the early ballots received so far this year, more than their 30 percent share of all registered voters. Their 653,070 early ballots are about 93 percent of their 2008 total.

White voters have cast about 59 percent of the early ballots, essentially even with their proportion of the registered voter list.

While early voting began in 2008 at 45 days before Election Day, this year it started 21 days prior. But on Oct. 30, with three days to go in the early voting period, advance in-person voters in Gwinnett surpassed the total of early voters from four years ago by more than 1,500.


notblind 2 years, 9 months ago

We waited less than 20 mins in Sugar Hill at app 9:30 this morning. GO VOTE !!!!


LoganvilleResident 2 years, 9 months ago

In and out in under 30 minutes in my polling place. However, when I got there I walked right in the door. When I left, the line was starting to wrap around the building.


OrganicGrl 2 years, 9 months ago

On Saturday, October 27th I was in line to vote for 2.5 hours and the registration office on 120.


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