With clock change comes preparedness checks

It's time to change the clocks back an hour now that daylight-saving time is coming to an end on Saturday night.

While rejoicing over the extra hour of sleep, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency's Ready Georgia campaign is asking people to check things around their house to be prepared for the unexpected.

The organization suggests that the public tests all of the smoke detectors in the house -- even in the basement -- and change the batteries that are more than a year old.

GEMA also advises people to look at their "ready kit," which should be packed in case of disaster. This includes looking at the expiration dates on food, water and medications, and testing all equipment, like the battery-powered radio and flashlights.

Last thing on the list is updating your family emergency plan and refresh the members in the house what to do in each situation.

For more information, visit www.ready.ga.gov.