Officials: Gun safety education is important

Nearly two weeks into gun hunting season, which began on Oct. 21, officials want to remind hunters to be careful with guns and ammunition, especially when children are around.

D'Anna K. Liber, director of the Gwinnett County Department of Family and Children Services, said the issue is not something to take for granted. While some families may be comfortable with guns around, it's better to keep them secure in case friends or neighbors visit.

"Accidents happen and often you'll hear people say I wish that was put up," Liber said.

In a news release, Ron Scroggy, director of the Department of Human Services' Division of Family and Children Services, said guns are an integral part of game hunting, and unless managed safely, can present dangers to children.

"The best way to prevent unintentional firearm injuries to a child is to not have a gun in a home where a child lives or plays," he said.

Scroggy said some tips include removing ammunition, keeping guns in a locked location, storing guns and ammunition separately and hiding keys from children.

Education is also important starting at the youngest age possible, Scroggy said, and children should be taught to tell an adult if they see a gun and to never touch a gun.