Georgia Power bills to rise starting in January

ATLANTA — Average bills from Georgia Power will soon increase, not decrease as some might have expected when the company announced last month that its fuel costs had dropped.

According to reports released by the Associated Press, average bills will climb about 44 cents a month starting in January.

The utility notified state regulators in October that it would apply for a residential rate reduction because the amount it pays for fuel has fallen 7 percent, saving $122 million. The utility can't profit from lower fuel costs and must pass those savings on to customers.

The Georgia Public Service Commission is expected to approve that reduction, an average of about $1.82 a month.

But Georgia Power officials said Thursday that residential bills will actually rise to pay for costs associated with new construction and energy efficiency programs.


CD 2 years, 9 months ago

The ratepayers are about to be soaked. The larceny at Vogtle is astonishing. PSC positions are very important to protect ratepayers and the incumbants need to go.


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