Some say DeKalb Co. school cuts will jeopardize safety

DECATUR (AP) -- School resource officers in DeKalb County are opposing proposed cuts to their positions, saying that could put students' safety in jeopardy.

Officer William Davidson, who works at Stone Mountain High School, spoke out against the idea at a public meeting Wednesday night in Stone Mountain. He said they are working with a "bare minimum" of officers now, and eliminating more positions is not wise.

School board members have been trying to fill a $73 million budget gap. The board has been considering several options, including a property tax increase, two teacher furlough days, the elimination of 140 central office positions, and increasing class size by one student.

A final decision on the budget is expected in June.


kevin 2 years, 10 months ago

Then make cuts somewhere else. People are tired of more taxes for governments and agencies that cannot be run efficiently. Look at what this school system is producing for the millions in taxpayer money; wasteful spending and a failed school system. You must be nuts to keep sending your child to public schools. Take up the axe and send your kids to a private school and get results and a future for your kids. A piece of paper from a public school is worthless compared to a certificate from private schools. Get loans and grants and suck it up and work for your kids to have a better life. Your kid's future is in the hands of their parents. Some parents care and try and some could care less. Send them where it is free. Throwing money at public education is a waste. You need smart and educated people to run a good system. Atlanta doesn't have that yet.


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