THE DISH: Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet


Staff Photos: Meghan Kotowski Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet serves sushi, Asian classics and plates grilled on the hibachi.


The restaurant has many bright colors in the buffet area, which has several tables of food to choose from.


• Lunch buffet — Children 3 to 6, $3, children 7 to 12, $4.59, adults, $6.29

• Dinner buffet — Children 3 to 6, $4, children 7 to 12, $5.59, adults, $9


Hibachia Grill and Supreme Buffet

Hibachia Grill and Supreme Buffet

419 Pike Blvd., Lawrenceville


-- Open since: April

-- Owner: Leon Chen

-- Location: The Hibachi Grill is located at the intersection of Pike Boulevard and West Pike Street, behind the Sherwin-Williams paint store.

-- Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays

-- Atmosphere: The inside of the restaurant is very bright, like going to a party. When you walk through the front doors, there is a massive fountain covered in fake plants painted in neon colors. As the water ripples down, it travels through smoke for a mystic effect.

The cabinet behind the register houses several sculptures made of jade -- or what looks like jade -- and the dragons, floral bouquets and other animals watch you as you pay.

Once you get past the host stand, the entire restaurant opens up with multiple buffet stations, booths, tables and the sounds of a cook grilling food on the hibachi.

The decor at the tables isn't extravagant, but the bright colors and artwork will stimulate your senses before you even have a bite of food.

For large groups, there are additional rooms in the building to accommodate the crowd, but call ahead to reserve your spot first.

Takeout buffet food is also available by the pound for those on the go who want a variety of food.

-- Menu: The menu is simple: Japanese, Chinese and American cuisine, so there is something for everyone.

For the Asian dishes, they are exactly what you'd want from your take-out spot or favorite Chinese restaurant. Hibachi Grill offers General Tso's chicken, egg drop soup, fried dumplings and crab rangoons, just to name a few things. There is also a sushi bar where rice creations are made throughout the day.

Not in the mood for Asian cuisine? No worries -- there are a lot of American classics on the buffet, too. Diners can choose from pizza, baked ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, french fries and deviled eggs. There is a large variety of seafood to munch on as well, including crawfish, mussels and fried shrimp.

The one crowd pleaser is the hibachi grill. It isn't in the middle of the room, nor is there fire, but you can make a plate of food how you want it and a cook prepares it to order.

Guests can choose anything from the hibachi bar, which has jalapenos, rice, noodles, bean sprouts, carrots, squash and more. For the meat, select from shrimp, chicken, pork or go completely vegetarian.

Once you make your plate, hand it to the cook at the grill and he'll saute everything until heated through. It takes about five minutes for him to finish each plate.

-- Things you might not know: County employees, Gwinnett Medical employees, military and senior citizens receive a 10 percent discount with proper identification.