School board member talks about road to recovery

BUFORD -- Police and rescue officials tell Dan Seckinger that when the front tire blew out on his motorcycle he flew over the handlebars, hit a car windshield and landed 75 feet away.

They've told the District III school board member a lot of details about the incident, but he doesn't remember a thing.

The wreck occurred on Dec. 17, when Seckinger's motorcycle crossed the center line on Sardis Church Road and struck a Toyota Corolla head on.

His earliest memory is waking up in a hospital room nearly three weeks later.

"I don't know how long I was in the hospital, but my first recollection was at Glancy Rehabilitation Center on Jan. 2," Seckinger said.

It's been a long road to recovery for Seckinger, but he finds himself thankful for his survival from a wreck that broke his nose and several ribs, punctured a long, crushed his wrist and snapped his pelvis nearly in half.

"I'm very blessed to be alive," Seckinger said. "Every day I'm a little better. My back can still be debilitating, but sometimes it's OK."

Seckinger has a seven-inch screw in his backbone as a result of the incident.

He refers to himself as "still medically fragile, but on the mend. I'm walking more now with the cane. For a long time I was not allowed to do any weight bearing at all, and that was tough. I had to have people moving me. With a broken pelvis, you can't be weight bearing because it can shift your pelvis."

Seckinger is still trying to get back into the routine. He attends school board meetings and board of education related function as the representative for all or part of the Berkmar, Collins Hill, Lanier, Mill Creek, Mountain View, North Gwinnett and Peachtree Ridge clusters.

"I feel very blessed to be alive, period," he said. "Every day now, whether it has to do with family life or community life or school board life, I literally do think about what I'm doing in terms of relationships and the bigger picture of why I'm even on the planet," he said.

As he continues to recover, doctors tell him it's one day at a time.

"The doctors tell me I should expect a full recovery," he said.

Seckinger joined the school board in January 1995. He is the owner and president of Seckinger Homes, Inc. Re-elected in November 2010, his current term expires in December 2014.