ELECTIONS: Who has qualified

The following candidates qualified for 2012 ballots:

U.S. Congress, District 4: Greg Pallen and Chris Vaughn, Republican; Courtney Dillard Sr., Hank Johnson (i) and Lincoln Nunnally, Democrat

U.S. Congress, District 7: David Hancock and Rob Woodall (i), Republican; Steve Reilly, Democrat

U.S. Congress, District 10: Paul Broun (i) and Stephen K. Simpson, Republican

State Senate, District 5: Garry Guan, Republican; Curt Thompson (i), Democrat

State Senate, District 9: Don Balfour (i), Travis Bowden and Steve Ramey, Republican; Scott Drake, Democrat

State Senate, District 40: Fran Millar (i), Republican

State Senate, District 41: Steve Henson (i), Democrat

State Senate, District 45: Renee Unterman (i), Republican

State Senate, District 48: David Shafer (i), Republican

State Senate, District 55: Gloria Butler (i) and Mark Williams, Democrat

State House, District 81: Chris Boedeker and Carla Roberts, Republican; Scott Holcomb, Democrat

State House, District 93: Christine “Tina” Hoffer, Republican; Dexter Dawston, Dar’shun Kendrick (i) and Glen Williams, Democrat

State House, District 94: Karen Bennett, Patricia Bourdeau, Vernon Jones, Tony Lentini and Jaye Peabody, Democrat

State House, District 95: Tom Rice (i), Republican; Brooke Siskin, Democrat

State House, District 96: Mark Gorman and Mark Williams, Republican; Pedro “Pete” Marin (i), Democrat

State House, District 97: Brooks Coleman (i) and Robert J. McClure, Republican

State House, District 98: Josh Clark (i), Republican

State House, District 99: Hugh Floyd (i), Democrat

State House, District 100: Brian Thomas (i), Democrat

State House, District 101: Valerie Clark (i), Republican; Timothy Swiney, Democrat

State House, District 102: Buzz Brockway (i), Republican

State House, District 103: Timothy Barr and Ken Russell, Republican

State House, District 104: Donna Sheldon (i), Republican

State House, District 105: Joyce Chandler and Damon Ladd-Thomas, Republican; Renita Hamilton and Rashid Malik, Democrat

State House, District 106: Brett Harrell (i), Republican

State House, District 107: David Casas (i), Republican

State House, District 108: B.J. Pak (i), Republican

State House, District 114: Tom Kirby (i) and Rod Upton, Republican

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Batchelor): Ronnie Keith Batchelor (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Clark): Michael Clark (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Conner): Melodie Snell Conner (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Davis): Warren Davis (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Jackson): Tracey Mason Blasi, Chris McClurg, Kathy Schrader, Giles Sexton, Robert Walker

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Beyers): Karen Beyers (i)

Gwinnett District Attorney: Daniel J. “Danny” Porter (i), Republican

Gwinnett Probate Court Judge: Chris Ballar and Marlene Duwell, Republican

Gwinnett Clerk of Superior Court: Richard Alexander (i), Republican; Brian Whiteside, Democrat

Tax Commissioner: Richard Steele (i), Republican

Sheriff: Butch Conway (i), Republican

Chief Magistrate: George Hutchinson (i), Republican

Board of Commissioners, Chairman: Charlotte Nash (i), Republican

Board of Commissioners, District 1: Jace Brooks and Laurie McClain, Republican

Board of Commissioners, District 3: Mike Beaudreau (i), Tommy Hunter, Mike Korom and Jerry Oberholtzer, Republican

Board of Education, District 1: Carole Boyce (i), Republican; Jennah Es-Sudan, Democrat

Board of Education, District 3: Mary Kay Murphy (i), Republican; Jennifer Falk, Democrat

Board of Education, District 5: Hussein K. Dido, Republican; Louise Radloff (i), Democrat

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Rich): Randy Rich (i)

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Brown): Carla E. Brown (i)

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Doran): John F. Doran (i)

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Mock): Emily Brantley, Pam Britt, Norman Cuadra, Greg Lundy and Richard Winegarden


JohnQSucker 3 years, 3 months ago

U.S. Congress D7...Our full support goes out to Mr. David Hancock of Suwanee. We've known Mr. Hancock for several years, and know that he'd make us proud. He's a real Conservative who we can trust. Congressman Woodall has done a fine job, but he's a career politician, and I'm ready for a normal working guy like me who will apply some common sense up there, and not just worry about getting re-elected. We don't need any more politicians, or attorneys, or slick talkers. Just give me an honest, hard working, smart guy like David who has the guts to go up there and do what's right for the Country.


Cleanupguy 3 years, 3 months ago

Sounds like he gows in the dark, but aside from the rhetoric, like what?


Cleanupguy 3 years, 3 months ago

So....professional candidate (has he ever actually won anything?) Steve Ramey the best that the Tea Party could come up with? This must be their last hurrah.


georgewilson 3 years, 3 months ago

Great news, Vernon Jones has dropped out of the race for the 94th house district.


Cleanupguy 3 years, 3 months ago

Oh, no - Vermin Jones is out? At least we still have Cindy McKinney to rely on for comic relief. Anyway, pretty interesting how the "let's vote them out" outrage has suddenly vanished in these lame offerings. More of the same, here we come!


agneskravitz 3 years, 3 months ago

Steve Reilly is a better choice than Rob Woodall. Steve grew up here, works and lives here who will apply some smarts AND common sense in Washington


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