The Daily "Post" - May 24, 2012 - Briscoe Field commercialization

"It outrages me that opponents of Briscoe Field commercialization are utilizing out-of-date data and incomparable study findings (e.g., a commercialized Briscoe Field cannot and could never be compared to Chicago O’Hare) to support their position."

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notblind 3 years ago

Proponents of commercialization are remorseless in their pursuit of another dollar. They try to hide behind false statements [ more jobs, more tax revenue, common good, no negative impacts on surrounding properties, etc ] but the majority of Gwinnett's citizens can see that the real beneficiaries will be a very small number of greedy business people and the real losers will be the rest of the citizens.


Dubbin 3 years ago

I guess this proves that the GDP will do whatever they can to support the airport expansion. Why not spend some time doing investigative reporting into the graft and conflict of interest between Propeller Investments and the Bannister regime instead of just reprinting press releases from developers?


Cleanupguy 3 years ago

That's all true, but what would Teepee think? Oh, wait - there's no thinking going on there, sorry, just mindless rhetoric: International flights - moon shuttles - billions in revenue - millions of jobs - happy homeowners on streets of gold - and maybe even snow cones in the parking lot! Heck, think of the opportunities for GED thesis papers!


rob0362 3 years ago

I hate how Proponents DO not LIVE anywhere near this HOT MESS and Want to SCREW ME out of my Property Value


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