Movie Tavern offers flicks, food and beverages


• Price: $5 to $9.75 and the 3-D upcharge is $2 or $2.50

• Hours: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Mondays through Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to midnight Thursdays, 8 a.m. to midnight Saturdays and Sundays

• Location: 2855 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, Suwanee

• Phone: 678-730-6900

• Website: movietavern.com


• Thai chicken flatbread — Baked flatbread topped with chicken, cilantro, pecans, and red and green cabbage tossed in a sweet pepper sauce, $6

• Kobe beef sliders — Akaushi Kobe beef patties topped with Boursin cheese, bourbon Cipollini onions and maple glazed bacon on a toasted roll. Served with herb roasted potatoes, $11.50

• Southwest chicken salad — Salad greens, chicken breast, avocado pico de gallo, black beans, roasted corn, cheese and tortilla strips. Served with a spicy ranch dressing, $9

• Monte Carlo pizza — Roasted red bell peppers, artichoke hearts, marinated chicken, basil, mozzarella, provolone and Boursin cheeses, $10

SUWANEE -- Date night just got a lot easier.

Suwanee's first movie theater, Movie Tavern opened earlier this month offering restaurant-quality food and speciality drinks from its fully stocked bar. Some would say it's a one-stop shop for a night out on the town.

"Suwanee is a great location and there was no movie theater in Suwanee before, so now Movie Tavern gives the people of Suwanee a great destination to go to," Movie Tavern Vice President of Marketing Mark Mulcahy said. "Obviously, the people here were traveling a little bit to get to a theater, so we just made this easier for them with a much better experience."

The venue has nine theaters with Digital Projection and Real D for 3-D movies. All of the movies are first run movies, meaning that the newest films are on the screens, not ones from four months ago except on special occasions.

Each auditorium has stadium seating in chairs -- not the old-school theater rows -- to give guests room to relax and move with individual tabletops attached. If you're finished with your food, the table moves to the side to give more space.

There is also handicapped seating in each theater in the middle of the room. Portable tables move around to accommodate guests as needed.

Besides the upgraded seats to watch the movies, servers take care of you during your stay. The staff is trained to be "stealthy" while the movie is playing, but if you need anything, guests are asked to push the button on their table -- like a flight attendant button -- and your server will immediately come to help you.

To take time eating, guests are asked to arrive 30 minutes before show time to get settled, order drinks and appetizers, then enjoy the main course during the show.

"There are so many people who get stressed when going to the movies. Instead of getting into your car, grabbing something to eat and run over to the theater, you can do all of that here," Mulcahy said. "You always know a rookie who shows up at show time. They never make the same mistake twice."

But you don't have to eat a big meal -- there are the usual movie snacks, soda and popcorn with real butter.

Some people enter the theater to eat lunch quickly and not catch a movie -- and that works, too.

Other guests come just for the drinks because Movie Tavern is fully stocked with name brand liquors, like Jack Daniels, Bacardi and Patron. Plus, the venue serves several types of beer in bottles and on draft, including local favorites by SweetWater.

One of the most popular drinks to be ordered is the Tanker. It's a 38 ounce mug on sale for $10. For that, you get three beers at one time and can take the mug home. Next time you come back, bring back the mug and fill it for $8.50.

"You see people all the time getting out of their cars with their Tankers," Mulcahy said. "People love it."

Movie Tavern may serve food and beverages, but the main idea is to let people get away for the evening.

"When you are in your niche (in your theater chair), relaxing, you have space, no one is right beside you ... you're in your zone here and escape," Mulcahy said. "You have your food, beverage, you can relax and have a good night out."

There are other events at the theater besides showing first run movies. Every Saturday and Sunday, breakfast is available for early birds. Throughout the month, retro movies are shown on the big screen. "The Goonies" is showing Tuesday and Thursday.

Plus, there is an event room for those in the community who would like to host a bash there. The room has tables that can be moved about and a portable bar that can be installed. When it's show time, the party-goers can walk a few feet away to the movie theater attached to the room to enjoy the show.

Tickets are available online and on site.