More than 60 file for Gwinnett ballot on first day

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett's election season began to take its official shape Wednesday, as candidates begin filing paperwork to get on the ballot.

On the first day of qualifying, a handful of congressional and state House and Senate contests began to draw competition, as did a county commission race.

Politicians began lining up for everything from school board to judgeships.

Below is a list of those who filed paperwork Wednesday.

U.S. Congress, District 4: Chris Vaughn, Republican; Hank Johnson (i) and Lincoln Nunnally, Democrat

U.S. Congress, District 7: Rob Woodall (i), Republican; Steve Reilly, Democrat

U.S. Congress, District 10: Paul Broun (i) and Stephen K. Simpson, Republican

State Senate, District 5: Garry Guan, Republican; Curt Thompson (i), Democrat

State Senate, District 9: Scott Drake, Democrat

State Senate, District 40: Fran Millar (i), Republican

State Senate, District 41: Steve Henson (i), Democrat

State Senate, District 45: Renee Unterman (i), Republican

State Senate, District 48: David Shafer (i), Republican

State Senate, District 55: Gloria Butler (i) and Mark Williams, Democrat

State House, District 81: Carla Roberts, Republican

State House, District 93: Dexter Dawston, Dar'shun Kendrick and Glen Williams, Democrat

State House, District 94: Tony Lentini, Democrat

State House, District 95: Tom Rice (i), Republican

State House, District 96: Mark Gorman and Mark Williams, Republican

State House, District 97: Brooks Coleman (i), Republican

State House, District 98: Josh Clark (i), Republican

State House, District 99: Hugh Floyd (i), Democrat

State House, District 100: Brian Thomas (i), Democrat

State House, District 101: Valerie Clark (i), Republican

State House, District 102: Buzz Brockway (i), Republican

State House, District 103: Timothy Barr, Republican

State House, District 104: Donna Shelder (i), Republican

State House, District 105: Joyce Chandler, Republican; Rashid Malik, Democrat

State House, District 106: Brett Harrell (i), Republican

State House, District 107: David Casas (i), Republican

State House, District 114: Tom Kirby (i) and Rodney Upton, Republican

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Batchelor): Ronnie Keith Batchelor (i)Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Clark): Michael Clark (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Conner): Melodie Snell Conner (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Davis): Warren Davis (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Jackson): Tracey Mason Blasi, Robert Walker

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge (Beyers): Karen Beyers (i)

Gwinnett District Attorney: Daniel J. "Danny" Porter (i), Republican

Gwinnett Probate Court Judge: Marlene Duwell and Chris Ballar, Republican

Gwinnett Clerk of Superior Court: Richard Alexander (i), Republican

Tax Commissioner: Richard Steele (i), Republican

Sheriff: Butch Conway (i), Republican

Chief Magistrate: George Hutchinson (i), Republican

Board of Commissioners, District 1: Laurie McClain, Republican

Board of Commissioners, District 3: Mike Beaudreau (i) and Jerry Oberholtzer, Republican

Board of Education, District 1: Carole Boyce (i), Republican

Board of Education, District 3: Jennifer Falk, Democrat

Board of Education, District 3: Mary Kay Murphy (i), Republican

Board of Education, District 5: Louise Radloff (i), Democrat

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Rich): Randy Rich (i)

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Brown): Carla E. Brown (i)

Gwinnett State Court Judge (Mock): Emily Brantley, Norman Cuadra, Greg Lundy and Richard Winegarden