Movie trivia contest — May 25

So, you think you're good at movie trivia? Every week, we give readers the opportunity to flex their movie muscles by answering five trivia questions from our movie critic, Michael Clark.

Congratulations to last week's winner, Tina Schlief of Duluth.

Here are last week's questions again and the answers:

• What single spoken word in "Gone with the Wind" was almost removed because of outside pressure from censors?

A: Damn ("Frankly my dear, I don't give damn")

• What nonfictional character has been portrayed the most in feature films?

A: Jesus Christ

• What professional athlete had a significant role in a Coen Brothers film?

A: Randall "Tex" Cobb in "Raising Arizona"

• Name a movie starring Demi Moore that was filmed and set in Georgia.

A: "The Joneses"

• Name someone to be nominated for an Oscar in four categories for the same film more than once (hint: the nominations were in same categories each time).

A: Warren Beatty for "Heaven Can Wait" and "Reds" in the Best Picture (producer), Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Lead Actor categories. He won Best Director for "Reds."

Now, for this week's questions:

  1. What is the common acting bond shared by Christian Bale, Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey, Woody Harrelson, Vincent D'Onofrio and Johnny Depp?

  2. In what state was "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" set?

  3. Name the most recent movie where Tom Hanks' character dies on screen.

  4. What movie featuring Marilyn Monroe was awarded the most Oscars?

  5. Name the first feature film that starred a member of the Beatles playing the fictional lead character.

The first person to respond with all the correct answers receives a prize package of movie-related goodies, which could include promotional T-shirts, hats, posters, DVDs, video games and more. The winner also gets their name published in the next Weekend section. Please email your answers, along with your name to clarkwriter@mindspring.com. Include "Gwinnett Daily Post Trivia Contest" in the subject line. In the event no one answers all of the questions correctly, the person with the most correct answers submitted by 6 p.m. the Monday after the contest is posted will be the winner. Only one winner per household is eligible each 30-day period.