Regional tax could fund county projects cut because of down economy

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Just hours after protesters marched outside the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, commissioners approved a project list for funding that could come from a regional transportation sales tax, which is on ballots July 31.

While a slate of leaders last year approved a list of regional projects for the majority of the funding, about 15 percent of the funding has been set aside for governments to spend on projects of their own discretion, with no ties to the region.

Of the $133.6 million the county expects to get in funding over 10 years, if the tax is approved by voters, commissioners voted to use about $54.2 million to complete projects originally funded by Gwinnett's sales tax program, approved in 2008, which has not reached expectations over the past few years due to the economy.

Another $47 million has been set aside for resurfacing of local roads. Other funds were allocated to sidewalks, school safety projects, bridges, major roads, intersection improvements and other needs.

"This is not a vote up or down on our support of T-SPLOST," Commissioner John Heard pointed out, adding that it was only to set a project list for the tax.

Prior to the vote, about a dozen people from Georgia Taxpayers Alliance held placards and passed out information asking people to vote no on the referendum.

"It's just another issue of greedy politicians enriching their friends at the expense of homeowners," Lawrenceville man Ron Williams said, adding that he does not believe Gwinnett residents should pay a tax that would go to fund projects like transit and the Beltline inside Atlanta's perimeter. "It's just another boondoggle."


jjbod1 3 years, 2 months ago

Dont worry, my house hold will provide 4 "NO" votes on this. Go get your money from your stinking HOTLANES!


R 3 years, 2 months ago

Don't we already have a road SPLOST in effect for that now? But sales are down if only we could reach into MORE pockets, THEN it WILL work....

And then we could add another 1 percent sales tax where we spend a buck and get back 10 cents for property tax relief locally. YEAH!!! I CAN"T wait..... BUT wait a minute, aren't we as a county now paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to our cities? GEE that and the legal fees may be why we are a little short for local projects - you think? it sure couldn't of helped us.

Don't worry though!! this whole debacle has been brought to us by a group of politicians that raised a hospital bed tax so they could get MEDICARE to pay half of the expense increase and raise 200 million for the general coffers. NOW I know why my MEDICATIONS went up - I helped balance the state budget and built the Go Fish center!

Yes we NEED to lock ourselves into to EVEN more DOT fun because we can trust the folks that dreamed it up ... Of course there will many new staff that will gladly answer our questions if we don't make them mad, you know like the way we treated them SO badly with the Hot Lanes meetings so they just wouldn't talk anymore?

Gee if the state can get 200 million from MEDICARE why don't we just raise a bed tax on our hospitals and let MEDICARE fix our roads?


"The tax was designed to capture additional federal funds by adding a charge to hospital bed stays. It raises about $200 Million at the state level and takes in roughly the same amount in federal tax dollars from matching payments."

"The bed tax was originally passed in the wake of the financial and real estate collapse when furloughs were prevalent and spending was being slashed. Because much of the cost of the tax was passed on to the federal Medicare system, supporters looked at the tax as a way to return more federal tax dollars to Georgia."


rco1847 3 years, 2 months ago

Let's just give everything to the rich and to the government. The Republican aristocracy has again shown it's indifference to suffering and remains out-of-touch with the people. Tax and spend was what they use to complain about; now it's all they know how to do.


notblind 3 years, 2 months ago

I would rather have your so called "tax and spend" than the dem's "wealth redistribution". At least with the tax and spend we end up with roads or sidewalks or other things whereas with wealth redistribution the money is just given away to buy votes from the lazy.


BuzzG 3 years, 2 months ago

Its never enough! Government and taxes coming at us from all directions. Federal, State, County, City and now "regional", School taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, splost taxes, car tag taxes, next we are going to have taxes on taxes. Don't we already pay ever-increasing Federal and State gas taxes every time we fill up? Are not these taxes supposed to be used for transportation projects? What are the 400 tolls being used for? GA 400 has already been paid off. Government has become a monster with tentacles reaching for our wallets from every direction.

Vote "NO" on T-SPLOST. Send a message we have had enough.


Gwinnettsince1991 3 years, 2 months ago

Isn't T-SPLOST about a redistribution of wealth the same as the HOT Lanes? Gwinnett will be paying for improvements all around the state, not just in Gwinnett. Why? Because we can and if we don't, we get stuck in traffic due to the HOT Lane. I don't trust the government with my money, they have enough of my money and they need to learn how to live on the money they have just as I do and i expect my children to.


nag6970 3 years, 2 months ago

While in the voting booth, voting against T-SPLOST, why not vote our every incumbent on the Board of Commissioners. Maybe they will then understand why the citizens are angry.


kevin 3 years, 2 months ago

You BOC just keep it up. Next election ALL will be voted out. The 1% road tax will also be voted down. "We the people" are not stupid to keep taxing ourselves. Politicians either learn to spend only what they have or goodbye to them all. This BOC needs to set better priorities, like safety and utilities, for which we cannot control because of the monopoly on this. We have 8 NO votes for the road tax here and I have notified the whole subdivision about the consequences if it passes. There will be a hundred more NO votes in July. Enough is enough. What kind of Republicans has this county elected? Sorry, but we are not willing to keep taxing ourselves so the BOC can cater to their donors and big money people in this county. Let them live somewhere else.


richtfan 3 years, 2 months ago

come on Gwinnett County---when businesses experience a slowdown, they cut back on their expenses. Why won't you do the same thing? Stop looking for other sources of revenue...........the amount of money you spend on payroll every month IS your source of revenue. Cut back your personnel, and you'll be able to fund the projects you say are so critical. I will tell everyone I know NOT to vote for this splost. The education splost is another joke, and there is no way I'm voting for this crap.


NewsReader 3 years, 2 months ago

TSPLOST: Taxportation Spending Program Looting Our Suburban Treasury


dentaldawg83 3 years, 2 months ago

I can't wait to see the punishment the politicians will want to dole out to us renegade citizens when we overwhelmingly vote this ridiculous tax thing down.


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