Man charged with tattooing minors

Aaron Woody

Aaron Woody

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Lawrenceville police charged a man with tattooing minors after a Buford woman came forward with convincing evidence on her daughter's shoulder, officials said this week.

Aaron Woody, 23, was booked at the Gwinnett County Jail on Tuesday, charged with tattooing minors at his residence on St. Charles Court in Lawrenceville.

The mother of a 15-year-old girl came forward May 5 after finding the word "Faith" permanently inked on her daughter's right shoulder blade. The girl told police she found Woody through a girlfriend at school, then she led police to Woody's home, according to a police report.

Arrest warrants for Woody state that he tattooed another minor girl on three separate occasions this year at the same residence. Those tattoos included Portuguese and Spanish words and the phrase "Everything Happens for a Reason" along with a sailboat, warrants state.

Tattooing anyone under age 18 is against the law in Georgia, except when done by a licensed physician or technician for cosmetic or medical purposes.

Following arrests at two makeshift parlors last year, Gwinnett police officials said proactively locating and shutting down illegal tattoo parlors is difficult, as most setups are in nondescript apartments with no signage. Often, police must rely on tips from parents.

Charged with four misdemeanor counts of tattooing an underage person, Woody posted $6,300 bond the day of his arrest. His employer is listed as a Roswell tattoo parlor in court records.


roaads1 3 years, 4 months ago

I hope he receives at least ten years. This is no different that child abuse.


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