Citizen charged with posing as cop in gang clash

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police have charged a Lawrenceville man with falsely holding himself out as a police officer in a weekend clash with suspected gang members.

On Saturday afternoon, Gwinnett police responded to the Durant at Sugarloaf apartments on Marlowe Drive to find Christopher Geis, 36, with his face covered in blood, claiming Crips gang members had just beat him up.

Geis, who was armed with a pair of nunchucks and a pocket knife, reportedly told officers he's a confidential informant for Gwinnett and Lawrenceville police who's been integral in solving gang, drug and murder cases.

That story didn't check out with one officer Geis claimed to have been working with, according to a Gwinnett police report.

Geis told police his friend "Ray" lived at the complex and had set him up. He claimed to "have warrants" for Ray and every other man who pummeled him and ran off with his cell phone, the report states.

Neighbors told police Geis banged on doors, telling them he was an undercover police officer and asking for a phone to use. One woman handed Geis a Verizon flip phone and shut her door. She told police Geis "was yelling out several badge numbers," the report states.

Another witness told police he saw three black males charge to the top floor of the apartments and confront Geis, smashing the cell phone he'd been lent. The man told police he heard the assailants celebrating that they "got that (expletive)" in reference to Geis.

Officers on a nearby street picked up Lawrenceville resident Cordero Hawkins, 26, who denied involvement though he was carrying Geis' cell phone, the report states.

After speaking with witnesses, police arrested Geis on felony impersonating an officer charges, though he claimed he identified himself only as a confidential informant. He was treated by paramedics at the scene and declined a trip to the hospital.

When contacted by police, Geis' father said his son has been repeatedly warned to stop telling people he's a cop, the report states.

Geis remained jailed in Gwinnett on $5,700 bond Tuesday. Hawkins is being held on an outstanding warrant from DeKalb County, records show.

The police report lists the 19th Street Crips as being involved in the beating.


roaads1 2 years, 7 months ago

That story had many twists and turns. It would make a great book. Well maybe a pamphlet.


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