With irrigation well, Suwanee hopes to make Town Center drought-proof

SUWANEE -- In case another drought descends on the area, Suwanee officials are looking at options to install an irrigation well to water Town Center Park.

After the summers of 2007 and 2008 when drought conditions were at a recent peak, officials have searched for ways to avoid water restrictions from Gwinnett County, which currently supplies water to Suwanee. Because of the increased activity around the park, the need for irrigation is even more important, said Mike Maddox, program manager for the city's Capital Improvement Program.

Maddox briefs the City Council on construction projects around the city, and has facilitated estimates and opinions from an engineer and geologist about locations for the well.

"If another drought would hit, it wouldn't look good," Maddox said. "We're looking at drilling our own well and pumping our own water."

One location is behind the Kroger store at Suwanee Dam Road and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Maddox said that area is an attractive water source, but it could prove to be too expensive because of several utilities in the way.

While cost estimates haven't been gathered, Maddox said the project would be cheaper the closer it is to Town Center.

Another location is at Suwanee Creek behind City Hall. Though it's closer to Town Center, the water pressure may not be as high as the 30 gallons pumped per minute Maddox said is the target. The other issue with this scenario is iron deposits in the water would require it to be treated, so it wouldn't stain concrete around the park, Maddox said.

The timing of the project is still in the preliminary stages, because Maddox is trying to schedule a joint meeting with an engineer and geologist to compare the two sites, and develop cost estimates to present to the City Council. Because of that, the ideal scenario is to target the project to be completed next year.

"We would have liked to get something in this summer," he said. "But that's probably not going to happen."


kevin 3 years, 4 months ago

It is too bad other cities are to stupid to think about drilling wells to help with the water supply. All the counties want more and more development, which erodes our water supply for the rest of us, but they don't want to spend our tax money on a worth while project, like wells. Come on Gwinnett BOC. Stop wasting our tax money and spend it on some wells. Don't need a PHD degree to figure this out.


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