Nearly 10,000 graduating this week


Monday, May 21

• Phoenix High, 7 p.m., Gwinnett Performing Arts Center

Wednesday, May 23

• Lanier High, 3 p.m. Gwinnett Center Grand Ballroom

• Duluth High, 4 p.m. Gwinnett Center Arena

• Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology, 5 p.m. Gwinnett Center Grand Ballroom

• Central Gwinnett High, 7 p.m., Central Gwinnett High Stadium

• Gwinnett County Online Campus, 7 p.m., 550 Trackside

• Brookwood High, 7:30 p.m., Brookwood High Community Stadium

• Archer High, 8 p.m., Archer High Stadium

• Dacula High, 8 p.m., Gwinnett Center Arena

• Parkview High, 8 p.m. Parkview High Stadium

Thursday, May 24

• Collins Hill High, 8 a.m., Gwinnett Center Arena

• Meadowcreek High, noon, Gwinnett Center Arena

• Mountain View High, 4 p.m., Gwinnett Center Arena

• Mill Creek High, 8 p.m. Mill Creek High Stadium

• Norcross High, 8 p.m. Gwinnett Center Arena

Friday, May 25

• Berkmar High, 8 a.m., Gwinnett Center Arena

• North Gwinnett High, 10 a.m., Coolray Field

• Shiloh High, noon, Gwinnett Center Arena

• Grayson, 4 p.m., Gwinnett Center Arena

• Peachtree Ridge High, 8 p.m., Gwinnett Center Arena

Saturday, May 26

• South Gwinnett High, noon, Gwinnett Center Arena

SUWANEE -- This week, Gwinnett County Public Schools will graduate nearly 10,000 high school seniors from 21 high schools.

Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks said it's an accomplishment that should please students, parents and family members.

"As a community, we can be proud of these students and what they have achieved during their academic careers," Wilbanks said.

Of the 9,843 students on track to graduate this week, 779 students are from Brookwood, the largest class, followed by Peachtree Ridge with 757 graduates and Mill Creek, which has 714.

Gwinnett County Online Campus will celebrate its first graduating class with 12 students receiving their diplomas.

Of those graduating, 86 percent reported that they planned to continue their education by attending college or postsecondary schools. The seniors who plan to continue their education have been offered more than $101 million in academic, athletic and military scholarships.

The class of 2012 also included 2,050 honor graduates who are graduating with a grade percent average of 90 or better.

The district also boasts 10 National Merit Scholars, 15 National Achievement Scholars and 26 Georgia Scholars. Full tuition grants were awarded to 11 Gates Millennium Scholars and three Questbridge Scholars.


GwinnettGirl 3 years ago

Congratulations to the graduates and their supportive family & friends! What a milestone achievement for all these students. It must be a daunting task to organize & coordinate so many graduation ceremonies, especially now that GCPS has grown in leaps & bounds. Perhaps next year ceremonies could be scheduled after school hours so that parents who are teachers, don't have to find a substitute or get their pay docked in order to attend their child's graduation. For example, Lanier High ceremony at 3 pm on Wednesday? Their siblings at the middle school are still in session, school doesn't close until 4 pm. And Duluth High at 4 pm on Wed. also means teacher/parents and/or siblings will have to leave school early. Thursday & Friday are required teacher workdays; so if the parent/teacher has a graduating child that morning, they don't have to find a sub, but they have to ask for time off & hope it gets approved & hope their pay is not docked. Truly, attending a graduation ceremony should be a time of pride & joy, not added angst to find a sub, hope to get personal time approved, or get docked in pay, then check siblings out of school early (unexcused) and get relatives to ask for time off in the middle of the day. Hopefully, this scheduling can be revisited to not create these issues. Of course it's impossible to make everyone happy but hoping to avoid stress in the future by rescheduling would make a big difference on such a momentous occasion.


HonestIngine 3 years ago

Good Point, Why can't they do it at the schools stadium, like they do at UGA? Does the school system not have to pay for use of the arena?


dentaldawg83 3 years ago

they used to do them in the football stadiums. my son graduated from Collins Hill in 2001 and we parents and wellishers baked outside that day.


ssilover1 3 years ago

Some years even at 7 or 7:30 it is awfully hot...remember two or three that I attended when it was more than MISERABLE, expecially bad on grandparents.


Mack711 3 years ago

You only have the thank Alvin Wilbanks and the school administration for this boondogle. There are not very many facilities that can accomodate these classes. However it is still poor planning. We used stadiums until everyone started complain about the Georgia heat and weather. Just one more example of poor planning on the part of the GCPS system.


ssilover1 3 years ago

In most cases parent reps from PTSA or not work with admins to plan these events. Would be good to know if that happened in these cases where the schedule seems to be less than optimal.


Sandykin 3 years ago

Having the graduations in the evening at 7pm or 8pm should solve the Georgia heat problems as well as parents being able to watch their child graduate without having to take time off from work, and brothers and sisters being able to attend as well. I don't understand why all graduations do not take place in the evening in their own stadiums. Do you really need a BOE official at each graduation service? Cannot the principals and valedictorian and salutatorian address the graduating class? Is there really a need to augment those speeches? If so, surely enough appropriately inspirational speakers could be found.


Dacula 3 years ago

They could always have the graduation at some of the big churches like 12 Stone or Hebron, but I am sure the atheist would sue like they threatened in Cherokee County.


Gwinnettsince1991 3 years ago

Suggestion- 8 p.m. in everyone's stadium...

But in all honesty, the BOE does not care about our opinions. They wait until the last moment to post the date thereby screwing up travel arrangements for family out of town and then they come up with a schedule like this where 8 am graduates have to be at the Arena at 6 am.

Instead of working for us, the shareholders, they talk a good game but really its all about what they want to do.


ssilover1 3 years ago

Before everyone makes this a bigger issue than it is, stop and think....can I go to the graduation or not? Is it really going to be impossible for me to go? College graduations are on any morning of the week they choose. Get real. If your kid is graduating, you'll be there. GCPS is like any other employer....you'll go.

So many of the gripes here are zero.


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