Berkeley Lake road assessment complete

BERKELEY LAKE — According to Clay Reichert, an engineer with Clark Patterson Lee, a recently commissioned assessment of the roads in Berkeley Lake has been completed. Reichert reported his findings to Mayor Lois Salter and city council members Thursday, concluding that, while there are several roads in the city that will need attention in the future, most of them fall into the “satisfactory” and “good” categories.

City Administrator Tom Rozier added that there are about 21 potholes and other problems that must be repaired soon, so council members gave him the go-ahead to seek bids for those repairs.

Mayor, council, citizens bid farewell to Threadgill

Deputy City Administrator Leigh Threadgill attended her last Berkeley Lake council meeting Thursday, as she and her family are moving to LaGrange at the end of May. Salter issued a commendation thanking Threadgill for her service and dedication to the city, saying it was “a Godsend that she came to us when she did.”

A reception in Threadgill’s honor was held at City Hall before Thursday’s council meeting.

Sign ordinance tabled pending further review

Pat Chapman, Berkeley Lake’s new staff member with a city planning background, presented an amendment to Berkeley Lake’s sign ordinance Thursday that would enact two changes. First, the amendment would require that sign variance procedures be the same as zoning variance procedures. Second, several sign types currently in the “prohibited” category would be moved to the “temporary” category.

City Attorney Dick Carothers suggested tabling the matter until he could thoroughly review the ordinance, and council members voted in agreement.

Alcohol beverage ordinance presented

A 40-page alcohol ordinance was also introduced at Thursday’s council meeting and put on first read. Threadgill designed the legislation, making procedures more streamlined for both applicants and staff members. Carothers, who received the ordinance earlier this week, will review it and recommend any changes before putting the proposal up for a vote next month.