Warrant: Woman attacked with stun gun in bathroom

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Warrants have been issued for a Lawrenceville man who allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend with a stun gun after she'd stepped out of the shower.

Phoung Tien, 37, of Lawrenceville, is wanted on charges of battery by causing visible bodily harm in the Saturday morning incident at a home on Sydney Michelle Lane in Lawrenceville. Tien used what's described in arrest warrants as "a 950,000 volt stun gun" to shock the victim repeatedly across her body, documents state.

The victim told police she and Tien had just ended a relationship in which he'd been physically abusive. He came unannounced to her home and was standing in a corner of her bathroom as she exited the shower, according to a Gwinnett police report.

Tien attempted to rekindle their relationship, scrolled through her cell phone to check call logs, then suddenly produced the stun gun. The woman told police she "almost lost consciousness" but was able to wrench the weapon from him before he fled. She locked herself in the bathroom until police arrived, the report states.

Officers took the stun gun into evidence, photographed the woman's injuries and advised her on how to obtain a temporary protective order. Jail records show Tien had not been booked Wednesday.