State AG investigating Georgia Perimeter College

ATLANTA (AP) -- Authorities say the Georgia Attorney General's Office is looking into how Georgia Perimeter College ended up with a nearly $16 million shortfall.

Amanda Reddick, a compliance officer at the two-year college, says that the state agency is reviewing records "to determine if fraudulent activities occurred."

College spokesman John Millsaps said the University System of Georgia asked the agency to review issues at Georgia Perimeter.

State audits and a University System analysis showed the school has been overspending its budget by millions of dollars for the past four years.

Reports show that the school spent more than $7 million more than it took in from tuition, fees, grants and state and federal appropriations in fiscal years 2009 and 2010. Its deficit could hit $16 million this fiscal year.


kevin 3 years, 2 months ago

How could they have spent $16 mill more than they too in? Who is left on the hook for this money besides the taxpayer? Time to clean house over there before we get deeper in debt.


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