Gwinnett Dugout Club announces high school baseball award-winners

The Gwinnett Dugout Club held its all-county banquet Monday night to honor the best from the high school baseball, and the top individual awards went to Brookwood's Lucas Sims and Parkview's Matt Olson. Sims was pitcher of the year and Olson was player of the year.

Mill Creek's Doug Jones was selcted as coach of the year, while Buford, Hebron and Parkview shared the team of the year honor. The assistant coach of the year awards went to Brookwood's Ryan Ledden, Dacula's Jack Lowry, Hebron's Josh Brookshire, Hebron's Chad Mashburn, Lanier's Kiley Coursey, Norcross' Garrett Lussi, Parkview's David Palmer and Mark Mortimer and South Gwinnett' Zach Shelnutt.

The club also honored North coach Frank Vashaw for reaching 400 career wins and inducted four new members into its hall of fame -- Dacula's Jeremie Tice and Shannon Wilkerson, Providence's Collin McHugh and Parkview's Anthony Carter.

The other award-winners from the event are as follows:

All-County First Team


Wayne Wages, Collins Hill

Zack Erwin, Duluth

Taylor Allum, Grayson

Mason Felt, Hebron

Shane Seckinger, Mill Creek

Position players

Michael Gouge, Brookwood

Josh Bryan, Buford

P.J. Westbury, Hebron

Nick Tillman, Mill Creek

Tyler Bethune, Mountain View

Tanner Maloof, Norcross

Ryan Hagan, North Gwinnett

Edwin Arias, Parkview

Tyler Haswell, Peachtree Ridge

Austin Loyd, Providence

Christin Stewart, Providence

All-County Second Team


Sam Clay, Buford

Cody Pugh, Mill Creek

Tucker Baca, North Gwinnett

Donald Frew, Peachtree Ridge

Josh Nance, Shiloh

Position players

Tregra Williams, Archer

Cedric Mullins, Brookwood

Luis Valdes, Central

Jimmy Shea, Collins Hill

Travis Vanderhorst, Dacula

Chris Rich, Duluth

Carter Collins, Grayson

T.J. Richardson, Lanier

Cole Willoughby, North Gwinnett

Josh Hart, Parkview

Marcus McCorkle, Shiloh

Ryan Patterson, South Gwinnett

All-County Honorable Mention

Pitchers: Jordan Hillyer, Hebron; A.J. Moore, Mountain View; Chris Raasch, Norcross; Jesse Foster, Parkview; Steven Slaughter, Providence

Position players: Dreyvis Perez, Berkmar; Clint Carr, Brookwood; Michael Barnes, Dacula; Brandyn Bartlett, Dacula; Daino Deas, GAC; John LaMay, GAC; Jeril Dawson, Grayson; Tyler Hutch, Hebron; Kyle Lewis, Shiloh; Mason Colquitt, Wesleyan

Scott McIntyre Hustle and Attitude Award

Archer: Hayden Pendergraft

Berkmar: Mason Brown

Brookwood: Garrett Reynolds

Buford: Kyler Berrett

Central Gwinnett: Roy Clackum

Collins Hill: Jimmy Shea

Dacula: Matt Cole

Duluth: Tommy Matton

Grayson: Carter Collins

GAC: Greg Burland

Hebron: Brady Shoppe

Lanier: Austin Gaskins

Meadowcreek: Johnathan Arnold

Mill Creek: Ben Crowder

Mountain View: Brandon Griffin

Norcross: Zach Shirah

North Gwinnett: Brady Powell

Parkview: Rob Youngblood

Peachtree Ridge: Tripp Miller

Providence: John Bailey

Shiloh: Cletis Avery

South Gwinnett: Mitchell Davis

Wesleyan: Brandon Moss

Academic All-County Team

Archer: Brett Self

Berkmar: Mason Brown

Brookwood: Blake Schuck

Buford: Sam Clay

Central Gwinnett: Luis Valdes

Collins Hill: Ryan Askew

Dacula: Michael Barnes

Duluth: Nolan Graham

Grayson: Will Mahaffey

GAC: Zach Feuerbach

Hebron: Mac Norris

Lanier: Matthew DeWilde

Meadowcreek: Austin Bernard

Mill Creek: Nick Tillman

Mountain View: Joey Bell

Norcross: Kevin Cosola

North Gwinnett: Brandon Winn

Parkview: Matt Olson

Peachtree Ridge: Jonathan Hudson

Providence: Austin Golden

Shiloh: Michael Houchin

South Gwinnett: Mason Hart

Wesleyan: Frank Warren

April Players of the Month

Aaron Morehead, Archer; Tregra Williams, Archer; Carlos Perez, Berkmar; Parker Oesterle, Berkmar; Michael Gouge, Brookwood; Allen Tokarz, Brookwood; Josh Bryan, Buford; Mikey Bart, Buford; Grant Thiel, Central; Luis Valdes, Central; Jimmy Shea, Collins Hill; Matt Osterbur, Collins Hill; Shannon Haney, Dacula; Brandyn Bartlett, Dacula; Evan Dumas, Duluth; Austin Riedel, Duluth; Taylor Allum, Grayson; Jack Banda, Grayson; Ross Wood, GAC; John LaMay, GAC; Tyler Hutch, Hebron; Jordan Hillyer, Hebron; Matthew Ramsay, Lanier; Kameron Doster, Lanier; Shea Wilkey, Meadowcreek; Eric Arp, Meadowcreek; Nick Tillman, Mill Creek; Shane Seckinger, Mill Creek; A.J. Moore, Mountain View; Ben Utley, Mountain View; Tanner Maloof, Norcross; Chris Raasch, Norcross; Ryan Hagan, North; Tucker Baca, North; Jarrett Freeland, Parkview; Jeff Ronpirin, Parkview; Donald Frew, Peachtree Ridge; Coltan Ramsey, Peachtree Ridge; Austin Smith, Providence; Steven Slaughter, Providence; Marcus McCorkle, Shiloh; Josh Nance, Shiloh; Montrell Marshall, South; Ryan Patterson, South; Mason Colquitt, Wesleyan; Carter Hall, Wesleyan

March Players of the Month

Brett Self, Archer; Curtis Terry, Archer; E.J. Wyns, Berkmar; Dreyvis Perez, Berkmar; Cedric Mullins, Brookwood; Lucas Sims, Brookwood; Sam Clay, Buford; Kyler Berrett, Buford; Eli Vale, Central; Paulo De Los Santos, Central; Ryan Askew, Collins Hill; Wayne Wages, Collins Hill; Travis Vanderhorst, Dacula; Morgan Loyd, Dacula; Zack Erwin, Duluth; Chris Rich, Duluth; Griffin Ebel, Grayson; Austin Meadows, Grayson; Daino Deas, GAC; Patrick Schultz, GAC; P.J. Westbury, Hebron; Mason Felt, Hebron; Stephen Rusch, Lanier; Taylor Grant, Lanier; Chris Custodio, Meadowcreek; Cameron Bourbonnais, Meadowcreek; Tim Hernandez, Mill Creek; Cody Pugh, Mill Creek; Tyler Bethune, Mountain View; Peyton Fore, Mountain View; Tanner Maloof, Norcross; Jascanel Ferreras, Norcross; Cole Willoughby, North; Michael Haynes, North; Ryan Blanton, Parkview; Jack Esmonde, Parkview; Billy Best, Peachtree Ridge; Tyler Haswell, Peachtree Ridge; Austin Loyd, Providence; Erich Stahl, Providence; Kyle Lewis, Shiloh; Chase Waters, Shiloh; Jake Mullinax, South; Brandon Matics, South; Jamie Stark, Wesleyan; Griffin Bone, Wesleyan