LETTER: Can't decide if reader likes or dislikes being 'far-right-wing'

I was very confused after reading Gene Wade's letter to the editor in the May 5 Gwinnett Daily Post, titled: 'Happy to be labeled as far right by leftists.' He begins by saying that he is weary of hearing the 'Obama leftist government wail about far right-wing extremists.' Does his defensive nature mean that he could be one?

Then, in an attempt to cast a more mainstream light on his beliefs, Wade spouts several platitudes about capitalism and some of his basic American values, most of which average Americans would have no problem with. But, the 'aha moment' came when he referred to the President of the United States as having a 'Leftist communist/socialist tilt,' which he opposed. And, because of his opposition, he is proud to be called a 'right-wing extremist.' Wait a minute! Is he tired of being called one, or is he proud of being one?

I'm happy for Mr. Wade because he decided to come out of the closet and just admit to being what he truly is. And, for his honesty, I do hope he is rewarded by being served his favorite brand of tea at any upcoming parties he may wish to attend.

-- Michael D. Bence

Sugar Hill


genew 2 years, 2 months ago

I guess Michael Bence confuses easily if he didn't understand my reasonably coherent comment about how this nation has moved so far to the left that former middle-of-the road Americans like myself are now called "far-right-wing" by those on the left like Bence, Now Bence, that isn't so difficult to understand now is it? Although I do not personally consider myself to be far-right-wing, whatever that is, I consider myself honored to be called a far right winger when someone like Bence is involved.

Bence really became unhinged and called it his "aha moment", whatever he means by that, when I accurately referred to his idol Obama as having a "Leftist communist/socialist tilt". Obama's mother was a 1960's radical and his father was a known Marxist. Among Obama's best buddies were his racist preacher for twenty years. Obama palled with admitted leftist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. He studied at the feet of Marxist Saul Alinski and Maoist Mike Klonsky. Obama has long surrounded himself with characters that most Americans would consider to be leftist/communist/socialists and he has continued those relationships in the White House and those views are reflected in many of his current appointments. Mr. Bence, are you that ignorant of Obama's history or do you just choose to ignore it?. As for Bence's statement that I have "decided to come out of the closet", I certainly don't know what he means by that unless he is referring to my open and long-standing belief in the U.S. Constitution and that I am a proud Conservative who still embraces the traditional values on which our nation and society was founded. Regular readers of letters to the editor know full well that I have long embraced Conservative principles but Bence, like those on the left, routinely tend to use unfounded accusations and disparage those with which they do not agree rather than state truths and real facts. Next time Bence, attack my facts if you can but please avoid your routine personal attacks.

As for Bence's claim that I would feel comfortable "by being served his favorite brand of tea at any upcoming parties he may attend", Bence obviously intended this is an insult but actually I would feel quite comfortable associating with the vast majority of Tea Party members. At least they understand that Obama is leading our country to destruction. Bence seeming ain't got a clue, or agrees with Obama's planned systematic destruction of our Republic as we know it.


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