Regents approve Adams' retirement package

Michael Adams

Michael Adams

ATLANTA (AP) -- The state Board of Regents has approved a more than $2 million salary package for the five years after University of Georgia President Michael Adams retires.

The board approved the package at a meeting in Atlanta on Wednesday. The salary package was made public Friday, one day after he announced he would retire in 2013.

Under an agreement signed by Chancellor Hank Huckaby in April, Adams would get $660,000 per year for two years and $258,000 annually for three years. That's in addition to $600,000 in deferred compensation.

The 64-year-old Adams will have been president at UGA for 16 years when he retires. He will hold the title of president emeritus and professor for two years and then will be simply a professor after that.


notblind 3 years, 4 months ago

Question - Why is college tuition rising so rapidly ?

Answer - See above !

Under this fellow's leadership the college spent over $2B { TWO BILLION DOLLARS ! } on construction projects. How many 4 year degrees would $2B fund ??


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